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last updated: may 14, 2006

this page is to give some info on the great remixers on the bjork remix web archive. if any of your bjork remixes have been on the site and you'd like to be included on the bio page, please take a minute to email me the following info. thanks!

(all info except for the name is optional)
- remixer name
- your email (or tell me you prefer not to have your email on the site)
- website link
- location (e.g. Barcelona, Spain)
- birthyear (for your age)
- square picture (will be cropped into a square, photo of you as a jpg preferred, but anything is fine)
- top 5 favorite bjork songs
- some of your fav amateur bjork remixers
- a bit about you (occupation, other interests, other fav music, etc. 50 words or less please)

  • location: New York, U.S.
  • birthyear: 1988
  • top 5 bjork songs: The Modern Things, Verandi, Komi­, Pagan Poetry, Who is it
  • favorite bjork remixers: Prydrm, Paul Dye, Psy, Dark Jedi
  • a bit about me: I'm still in high school i like video games i also listen to M.I.A.
    email | website
  • location: Hamburg, Germany
  • a bit about me: Remix done in 2002, only using original Bj÷rk samples from various songs.
  • birthyear: 1986
  • top 5 bjork songs: All Is Full of Love, It's Not Up To You, Bachelorette, Enjoy, Isobel
  • a bit about me: Film student
    Greg aka darkjedi
    email | website | website 2
  • location: Rouen, France
  • birthyear: 1977
  • top 5 bjork songs: Scatterheart, Undo, Hunter, Five Years, Who is it
  • favorite bjork remixers: nijinski (of course) & Paul Dye
  • a bit about me: I'm a graphic designer, but my dream is to become a fulltime musician. I compose all the music for my band (drum'n'bass with 3 mc's, a 'scratching DJ, and me + a visual jockey). We have done a lot of concerts, but no album released yet. I love electronic music (except commercial 'dance' music & house) since i discovered Bjork (with POST) Other artists that inspire me : Aphex Twin (I'm a big fan, too), Squarepusher, Bogdan Raczynski, Amon Tobin, Roni Size, Emilie Simon, Ensemble, Oval, Howie B., LFO ... I love weird things...
  • location: Nancy, Paris, France
  • birthyear: 1982
  • top 5 bjork songs: Hyperbalad, Possibly maybe, All is full of love, Charlene, Oceania
  • a bit about me: still struggling with my machines, trying to make my own music.
    Petit Volcan, formerly known as "Elric"
    email | website (french)
    r-man (formerly of Glasperlenspiel band)
    email | website | website 2
  • location: Catania (Sicily, Italy)
  • birthyear: 20th century
  • top 5 bjork songs: aurora, play dead, sweet intuition, so broken, amphibian
  • favorite bjork remixers: nijinsky, ameilio, hardrum... and someone who has something original to say!
  • a bit about me: music is my chief interest, but not my occupation... unfortunately! I have more than 2000 cds (over 1300 original items... ehm!), too much vhs and magazines, many books, some dvds, 2 bands... 1 wife, 1 daughter and 12 cats! other fav artists: kate bush, david sylvian, the smiths, the church, cowboy junkies, miles davis, tom waits, the police, indigo girls, brian auger, antony & the johnsons, steely dan, gentle giant, beatles, the cure, hoodoo gurus, jethro tull, elvis costello, ani di franco ...
  • location: UK
  • birthyear: 1984
  • top 5 bjork songs: hyperballad, oceania, pluto, who is it, all is full of love
  • favorite bjork remixers: paul dye
  • a bit about me: I'm 21, from the UK and i love to mix, i'm currently working on a bjork remix album too :-)
    email | website
    email | website
  • location: california, usa
  • birthyear: 1990
  • top 5 bjork songs: Hyperballad, Karvel, Unravel, Cocoon, Hunter
  • a bit about me: My name is Kenny aka Unraveling at the 4um. I am 15, almost 16. I like to remix music, play video games, draw, and listen to music, Bjork, Tegan and Sara, and Le Tigre are my favorites!

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