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andy and i have been watching the bbc/david attenborough's life of mammals, one of the few types of documentaries i like (i.e. nature documentaries). it's really fantastic stuff that really makes you feel awed at how amazing nature really is. apparently the series was first aired in november 2002, and the bbc has a pretty nice website on it. below is a pic of one of my favorite animals so far, the north american pika (pronounced "peeka". doesn't look anything like pikachu, though. heh.), which makes this super cute noise and runs around on its stubby little legs to store food for the winter.

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i've been meaning to post these two poems by margaret atwood that andy set and which i quite like.

Owl Song

I am the heart of a murdered woman
who took the wrong way home
who was strangled in a vacant lot and not buried
who was shot with care beneath a tree
who was mutilated by a crisp knife
There are many of us.

I grew feathers and tore my way out of her;
I am shaped like a feathered heart.
My mouth is a chisel, my hands
the crimes done by hands.

I sit in the forest talking of death
which is monotonous:
though there are many ways of dying
there is only one death song,
the colour of mist:
it says Why Why

I do not want revenge, I do not want expiation,
I only want to ask someone
how I was lost,
how I was lost

Tricks with Mirrors

It's no coincidence
this is a used
furniture warehouse.

I enter with you
and become a mirror.

are the perfect lovers,

that's it, carry me up the stairs
by the edges, don't drop me,

that would be bad luck,
throw me on the bed

reflecting side up,
fall into me,

it will be your own
mouth you hit, firm and glassy,

your own eyes you find you
are up against closed closed
You don't like this metaphor.
All right:

Perhaps I am not a mirror.
perhaps I am a pool.

Think about pools.

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went to the north end with andy this weekend for the feast days. they had music, food stalls, and some carnival games. it was small, but fun. a schedule can be found here.

broke one of my rules ... twice ... couldn't finish junk english, a book that purports to point out sloppy usages of english, but ends up being a case of preaching to the choir. feels like reading 150 pages of junk mail nonstop, i.e. 150 pages of pure irritation.

the mabinogion (charlotte guest translation) was more entertaining. it's a collection of welsh mythological ballads. the stories are curious because it seems that character's actions rarely have any meaningful consequences, which andy hypothesizes is a more medieval trait, one shared by modern day japan. still, i read the first four which are the four stories of the mabinogion proper so i don't feel too guilty.
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quote of the day:,%20Audrey
"I wouldn't mind being in an American film for a laugh, but I certainly don't want to be in Thingy Blah Blah 3, if you know what I mean."

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finished reading glenn gould: the ecstasy and tragedy of genius recently. here's a pic i liked from it:

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quick link: ... sad statistics. site by my personal superman, mr. niko suave ...


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went to buddha's delight in chinatown. it's the place that is completely vegetarian and serves mock pork, chicken, beef, pretty much everything you can think of. i got the "chicken fingers" as an appetizer which consisted of regular tofu in a corn dog-like fried batter with a sweet and sour sauce that strangely tasted like applesauce. that wasn't so good, but the entree made up for it -- it was "spicy beef" and reminded me a lot of the tofu grad prow (sp?) at dok bua, but with less complexity of flavor. still, it was a decent meal and better than the average chinese restaurant in boston (not sure about in chinatown though). it's nice to be able to order anything on the menu although the place was a tad pricey.

two pics i stole from andy (click for larger).

pandy looking very young and very cute ;)

pandy looking like he's getting abducted by aliens

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pic gloria took from may 2003 which turned out to be surprisingly arty. i like this one a lot (click pic for larger version).

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catbar, catfoo's blog has been invaluable in keeping me up to date w/ how ridiculous bush is. well, it would be humorous if he weren't the person running my country. here's the latest stupidity, in which bush boldly and erroneously claims "... we gave him a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in" (reprinted below). it's interesting to see how, as catfoo puts it, "Bush says dumb thing -> Everyone scrambles to save his ass". catfoo's site has more links where bush's top aides try to cover up for bush, but just end up weaving a mess of contradictions.

transcription at{6CA9E322-B74F-44D3-9216-6C362FD5E0DF}

THE PRESIDENT: Well, the speech that I gave was cleared by the CIA. And, look, the thing that's important to realize is that we're constantly gathering data. Subsequent to the speech, the CIA had some doubts. But when I gave the -- when they talked about the speech and when they looked at the speech, it was cleared. Otherwise, I wouldn't have put it in the speech. I'm not interested in talking about intelligence unless it's cleared by the CIA. And as Director Tenet said, it was cleared by the CIA.

The larger point is, and the fundamental question is, did Saddam Hussein have a weapons program? And the answer is, absolutely. And we gave him a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in. And, therefore, after a reasonable request, we decided to remove him from power, along with other nations, so as to make sure he was not a threat to the United States and our friends and allies in the region. I firmly believe the decisions we made will make America more secure and the world more peaceful.
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went to via matta, which is run by the same people who did radius. the appetizer i got was amazing, which i think is the first time i've ever been able to say that about pretty much anything i've gotten from any place i've ever been (with the exception of dok bua, haha). it was eggplant, but smooth and soft (but not mushy) and suprisingly delectable. the eggplant was covered with a crunchy bready crust, a light, savory tomato mixture, and thin slices of mozarella, i think. unfortunately, the rest of the meal was as boring as usual. the only vegetarian entrees they had were a spaghetti dish and a ravioli dish. zzzzzzzzz. instead i opted for a plate of sides, none of which were worth mentioning. patty got the ravioli and it looked even more boring than what i had.

andy, mark, and patty all had salads (andy's was radicchio and prosciutto), which were all right but not particularly noteworthy. mark had the calamari as well, which he quite liked, and clams for his entree. andy had a pasta with chanterelles and guinea hen, which he said was fine but also not stunning. for dessert we shared the watermelon granita and the rice cake, both of which were good. our table also had several glasses of a dinner tokay which was good.

apparently the eagles were sitting a few tables away, heh. they were loud. heh heh.

andy and i have decided from now on when we feel like going out to eat, we're going to new york. i think that the gap b/t the food in louisville and the food in new york is about the same as the gap b/t the food in boston and the food in new york. sad but true.
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first off, i became interested in dennis kucinich's campaign after his surprise success in's primary. since then i've been reading about him, and although he may turn out to be too progressive for most, i'm going to keep an eye to see how many supporters he gets in the next few months. maybe he'll turn out to be a contender after all. one thing in particular that i completely agree with that makes him stand out for me is his desire to take money away from useless defense and instead put it into more important areas like education and health care.

went to via matta last night. it wasn't particularly great, but more on that later.
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went to aquitaine last night for the first time in maybe 6 months. this was my second time going; the first time andy and i both agreed that the food was really salty; this time around was slightly better. for starts we had an endive/watercress/walnut/apple/blue cheese salad which was good although it was about 99% endive and 1% watercress (where can i go to just get a good watercress salad??) and a leek/asparagus tart with goat cheese. the leeks and asparagus were fine, but the tart itself was a little hard. andy had the salmon which came w/ this really heavy thick sauce. he said his dish was quite salty. i had the goat cheese ravioli which wasn't salty at all, and was actually rather bland. it came w/ bits of vegetable in a mostly olive oil sauce, i think, and with a bit of lemon. all in all sort of dull, but hopefully via matta on monday will be better. andy said that the past few times he's gone (w/out me) his food was fine and not salty ... hmm. winnie sez a place that pricy needs to be consistent, and i completely agree.
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andy and i went to cuchi cuchi (main st in central sq close to tosci's) on the fourth of july. it was pretty empty. andy liked what he had, which included lamb stuffed grape leaves and some veal tartare thing i think. i liked the grilled asparagus i had, but their version of the ubiquitous mushroom risotto wasn't so good, nor was their potato gratin. the dessert, banana bread with vanilla ice cream, was also fairly mediocre. the olive spread for the bread was pretty good, though. our waiter was annoying; apparently he felt that since andy and i were gay also, he could put his hands on our shoulders and call us "boys", as in "okay, boys, how is everything today?" all in all i guess i wouldn't mind going back again; didn't get a chance to try their "white gazpacho" soup this time.

also went to the parish cafe (boylston st.) that day. hadn't realized that their gimmick was to have sandwiches "created" by local area chefs. none of which were vegetarian (surprise). got the ravioli, which was pretty good, maybe even worth getting again. it was surprisingly crispy, which was novel. i wonder if that was related in any way to the st. louis baked ravioli (winnie sez the correct term is "toasted" even though it's not really toasted. it is breaded, though).

on saturday andy and i spent a luffly afternoon at walden pond. here are directions: ... go to north station (green line) or porter sq (red line) and take the fitchburg commuter line to concord (about 35 min). when you get out of the station, turn right and walk down thoreau road until it turns into walden street (around 20 minutes). you'll have to walk prob. another 10 minutes down walden street. then you'll get to the fringe of the park surrounding the pond, but you'll have to walk down another five to ten minutes or so until you get to the actual pond itself. you'll pass the parking lot on the left, and the entrance is soon after that on the right. check mapquest for a map.

after we got back from walden andy and i went to dok bua. we're definitely regulars by now. i had had a curry from bangkok blue in the afternoon, so for dinner i had the pad thai, which was a little sweet, but good. their vegetables are always nice and fresh -- i wonder where they get them from. andy had the pineapple curry, which came in a heart-shaped bowl, which we thought was hilarious. he practically licked the bowl clean -- heh heh. yum!
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bjork is so weird. but cool. somehow she manages to pull these off w/out looking totally ridiculous. i think it's b/c she seems to have such an artless, open personality. here's a collage i threw together of some of her most recent looks.

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first off, went to kashmir tonight and was reminded of how mediocre this place is. had the malai kofta which was still too tomato-y, and the bhindi which was -really- greasy. the service was really subpar for a place charging $15 for an entree, and the food wasn't much better than a place 1/2 as cheap. as of tonight i'm boycotting it in lieu of samraat which isn't much worse but is much cheaper.

i don't post enough pics, so here are two that i've been meaning to post of me and the foo from graduation last year ... hahaha ...

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more eating!
continuing on my quest to visit every eatery within a one mile radius of where i live, i finally went to saffron. it was quite terrible. i vaguely remember it trying to be fusion-y when it first opened maybe two years ago, but i think now it's mostly just mediocre indian food, even worse than such places as bhindi bazaar, probably about on par w/ india quality in kenmore, which is about half as much. the place itself looks nice and it has an outdoor patio, which is prob. why it seems to get a lot of business, but the lunch buffet we had was pretty sad. (then again, buffets are generally not the greatest, but this was particularly bad. maybe it was mostly b/c the food was cold.) funny story, though: i asked the waitress if they had any "chutney", which i described as being "red and usually with onions", b/c i'd only seen the brown and the green sauce by the buffet tables. she looked confused and then came back a little later with little cups of both the brown and the green sauces -- neither of which were red or had onions, obviously. andy quipped: "'maybe if i smile real big when i give it to him he won't notice.'"

catfoo and i went to the tibetan place next to korea garden on pearl st. it was my first time eating tibetan food and i found it to be quite bland, and the cilantro was a little too pervasive for my taste. even though my dish was spicy (a tofu vegetable dish), it was the kind of spicy where they just throw in some really hot peppers, i.e. it didn't really penetrate the dish. we also got some fried potato/mushroom balls (w/ cilantro) which were pretty good, some steamed buns (which catfoo says is very chinese), and our food came w/ a little plate of oiled halved cherry tomatoes with onions and a little plate of cucumbers lightly covered in a sort of creamy sauce. catfoo had noodles (i forget what kind) with vegetables, but the noodles were really rather tasteless. she said the other type of noodles they have are better. all in all it was interesting, although i prob. won't be trying tibetan food for a while. catfoo said she had lunch at the buddhist place on mass ave and that it was the best chinese food she's had in boston, so i'm going to have to try that w/ her one of these days (before she moves to SF! :( ... )

catfoo and i reminesced over the gone but not forgotten curious liquids. she said that there has been discussion of closing down manray and putting up multi-story apartment buildings in its place. geeeeeeeeez. if ani were around she'd prob. respond w/ a line like: "the greedy republicans aren't satisfied enough w/ fabricating wars, now they have to attack us on our own soil!!" i don't think i'd say it quite in that way, but seriously, what is up w/ these people who are taking away everything that makes boston worth living in? i may have to start jobhunting in new york if this keeps up, heh ...

speaking of catfoo, she's set up a new version of the blog she was doing ... which is good b/c she's my connection w/ what's going on in the world. you can find it here: catbar
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this weekend andy and i spent a lot of time together. first off, pride was really pathetic. the parade was pretty half-assed; they didn't have any of the school groups (which might have been b/c pride was about a week later than usual), a lot of the major nightclubs didn't even bother participating, nor did other groups that are usu. there, inc. the policemen, firemen, etc. andy pointed out that maybe this is just a reflection of the fact that we don't need parades anymore b/c being gay is so much more accepted now than it used to be. we talked about how we could make it better, and among our ideas was to get tricycle man to lead the parade. he'd be awesome!!! WHOOOOOO WHOOOOO WHOOOOOOOO ...

in food news: went to the metropolis cafe last night. andy got a simple salad and the veal scallopini, which he said was pretty good. it came w/ this vegetable gratin which is what i had. i'd get it again. it had potatoes, leeks, and cauliflower w/ asiago cheese on top. very filling, and nicely done, not heavy. i also had a terrine which came with a salad. the terrine was mostly artichoke, goat cheese, and spinach. it was good, but i didn't find it to be particularly noteworthy. the wait for our food was -really- long, but it must have just been the time we were there (prob. got there around 7 on a sat.) b/c the people who came after us seemed to get their food pretty quick. there was this guy next to us who was really loud and near the end of our evening sort of butted into our conversation. winnie, put this down on andy and my list of restaurant pet peeves: just b/c we're sitting at the bar and you're by yourself does not mean it's acceptable for you to intrude in our private conversation. esp. if you're loud and annoying.

andy and i also went to dok bua for lunch today. this was the third time we've been there, and it's prob. my fav place in boston right now to eat. i had the red curry w/ tofu and andy had the pad kee mow. both of our dishes came w/ two appetizers. the main dish was about 1/3 the size of a dinner portion, but in total it was a nice amount, for anly $6. ridiculously cheap. the thing about this place is that the food usually isn't incredibly different than stuff you might get elsewhere in terms of how they put it together, but the end result is -good-. i don't know what little things they do differently, but their food is definitely better than any other thai place around. for dessert they gave us this funny gloopy, gelatinous thing that had bits of corn and chewy bubbles that tasted like sweet rice. no idea what the heck it was, but geez, asian desserts are definitely not asian food's strong point.

i've been really into supporting local merchants lately. there's this toy store on harvard ave that's really old-fashioned and i don't really feel like i necessarily need to go there that often, but i love the fact that it's there.
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toni tone tony ...

the tony awards were this past sunday, and boy it is really really sad that musicals are so bland these days ... the top winner was hairspray, a completely fluffy musical based on the john waters movie, and the majority of other nominees were basically nominated out of default. last year wasn't much better, with the top awards going to the bland confection called thoroughly modern millie (based on the little-known movie w/ julie andrews) and urinetown (which was little more than college sketch comedy set to music). sad sad sad.

winnie, when are we going to write our musical that's going to shake the world? any other takers out there??

other comments: hugh jackman wasn't that great of a host, but he was genial and pleasing enough. not as hot as in x2, but still pretty bootylicious.

sarah jessica parker and matthew broderick were pretty funny/cute.

the kiss b/t the two winners (they're partners) in the second televised award (book and lyrics) was awesome. HAHAHA.

was it just me, or did that frog and toad song make them totally sound like they were lovers?? HAHAHA.

anyway ...
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been running across a lot of really weird but hilarious stuff lately ...

first off, the group fannypack's oddly catchy first song camel toe (lyrics | mp3) has been running through my head a lot ... i mean, who could not love a group called fannypack?? the rhymes are also pretty funny.

the latest issue of this x-men spinoff called x-statix teams up one of the lead characters (doop) w/ one of the most revered characters in the x-men universe, wolverine, in a mini-series w/ the first issue called "the pink mink". in this series mutants anticipate future contracts instead of future battles, and the cover alone of this issue makes me want to rush out and buy it. will prob. have to wait til i catch up on everything else x-men related i'm reading right now, though, heh. (cover picture courtesy of

and to further confirm how weird japanese people are, here are pictures from the st. patrick's parade in tokyo (????) and clothing you can buy for your cat (last link thanks to austin).

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my part time occupation as a vessel for media continues ... most recently:

the man who knew too much (1956): the 2nd hitchcock i've seen. wasn't very good, but i guess for the time it was pretty thrilling.

pj harvey: stories from the city, stories from the sea: good, but didn't bowl me over. has a duet w/ thom yorke. i like pj harvey but i don't need to run out and get everything she's ever done. still, she's respectably high on my middle interest level music people list.

zadie smith: white teeth: a novel: not sure about this yet. i'm into the 2nd section, but it still feels like exposition. maybe the whole book is character sketches? still, at the very least the writing is engaging, and winnie points out that this was written by a 21 year old = wow.

margaret weis, tracy hickman: fire sea: i have a soft spot for trashy fantasy, but i think this series is one of the most inventive and worthwhile. the first four books take place in four diff worlds with only a few recurring characters, and then in the last three books people from all four world begin interacting. incredibly ambitious and really sets a high standard for the epic fantasy genre. this is the third book in the series and although in general their writing is a little too long, the images and ideas tend to be very memorable and at times somewhat thought-provoking. haven't read the following four books in ages, but i'm working my way through them.

last thought: bjork is putting out way too many dvds: 2 documentaries, several more live concerts, and a boxed set of 5 live concerts. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ... bjork is def. not someone who changes much live, so this is def. bjork overload. sort of disappointing. oh well.

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just finished reading a collection of short stories, essays, and "parables" by borges called labyrinths ... although the essays were dense and a little too philosophical for my taste, the stories and parables were quite amazing. here's one of the parables i particularly liked. got it from some random person's livejournal site.

The Witness

In a stable that stands almost within the shadow of the new stone church a gray-eyed, gray-bearded man, stretched out amid the odor of the animals, humbly seeks death as one seeks for sleep. The day, faithful to vast secret laws, little by little shifts and mingles the shadows in the humble nook. Outside are the plowed fields and a deep ditch clogged with dead leaves and an occasional wolf track in the black earth at the edge of the forest. The man sleeps and dreams, forgotten. The angelus awakens him. By now the sound of the bells is one of the habits of evening in the kingdoms of England. But this man, as a child, saw the face of Woden, the holy dread and exultation, the rude wooden idol weighed down with Roman coins and heavy vestments, the sacrifice of horses, dogs, and prisoners. Before dawn he will die, and in him will die, never to return, the last eye-witness of those pagan rites; the world will be a little poorer when this Saxon dies.

Events far-reaching enough to people all space, whose end is nonetheless tolled when one man dies, may cause us wonder. But something, or an infinite number of things, dies in every death, unless the universe is possessed of a memory, as the theosophists have supposed.

In the course of time there was a day that closed the last eyes to see Christ. The battle of Junin and the love of Helen each died with the death of some one man. What will die with me when I die, what pitiful or perishable form will the world lose? The voice of Macedonio Fernandez? The image of a roan horse on the vacant lot at Serrano and Charcas? A bar of sulphur in the drawer of a mahogany desk?

- JLB, from Dreamtigers, translated by Mildred Boyer
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this cartoon is for winnie's benefit:

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finally sat down and collected my thoughts on the various korean restaurants i've been to over the years ... here's what i came up with ...

note: these commentaries are a little stilted b/c i'm vegetarian. i.e. i make no comparisons about any of these places' korean bbq, etc. generally i order a pajeon (korean scallion pancake) and bibimbap (mixed vegetables w/ hot red sauce). i also generally know what the chopjae (clear noodles with stir fried vegetables) and dokbokki (spicy rice cakes) and such are like.

compared to the 3 places i've been in new york (all of which were quite good), i'd have to say that boston's korean eateries are generally on a lower level. one last comment, for korean groceries, check out lotte in central square (297 mass ave). now on w/ the reviews ...

*** suishaya (chinatown, 2 tyler st): surprisingly good. i've been twice, the first time wasn't so memorable, but i went again recently and it's prob. my fav. of the korean restaurants i've been to lately. one of two korean restaurants in chinatown.

koreana (inman sq, 154 prospect st): just reopened. the interior is nicer than it was, although our group of 4 ended up being seated right next to another group of 4 in an adjoining table, which was sort of annoying. o/w pretty good, although i found that i preferred suishaya.
wuchan (union sq): usually near the top of most people's list. need to go again.
the one next to wuchan (union sq): heh. i don't remember the name. people call it the jjajjang myeon place, b/c they have the korean black bean noodles which isn't really common. not bad, but need to go again.

choe's cafe (957 comm ave): nothing special, but the waitress was better than average.
kaya (581 boylston st + 2 other locations): average. pissy waitress. andy sez that kaya has one of the best renditions of stir fried kimchi in town.
korea garden (central sq, 20 pearl st): average, but i haven't been in a while.
apollo (chinatown, 84-86 harrison ave): a little less than average.
shilla (harvard sq): a little less than average.

not bad (cheaper alternatives):
seoul food (porter sq, 1759 mass ave): i think this place is cheaper than average. the panchan (side dishes) were really subpar, but the food was good.
super 88 (1095 comm ave): in a food court, so it's fast foodish, but it's good.
porter exchange (porter sq): fast foodish. about the same as the restaurant at super 88 or a little lower in quality.

q-vin (545 boylston st): def. below average. the dok bokki and their kochujang (red bean paste) were really really sweet, i.e. not very good.
jae's (locations on columbus and also in inman): okay for what it is, i guess, which is overpriced americanzied generic pan-asian food. but why bother when you can get the real thing?

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finished reading in the heart of america, the collection of plays. the first and last plays were the best, but the other three were definitely interesting. currently reading borges -- knotty, but cool.

cutest nephew ever:

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updates: along with reading and thoroughly enjoying artemis fowl as winnie mentioned (which incidentally i appreciated for being less cutesy than the harry potter books and for its occasional sly quips aimed at adults) i've also been reading in the heart of america, a collection of plays by naomi wallace. i first became aware of wallace when mit did one flea spare, which i was really impressed with and reviewed. since then i've found out that she's a fellow kentuckian. i've read the first 3 plays so far, and i really liked one flea spare the second time around as well, and there were parts of the other 2 plays that were really nicely done. one flea spare is set at the time of the great plague in london, while the second play concerns the gulf war and the third play concerns three men watching the mexican-american border for illegal immigrants. i'll give a fuller report when i finish the whole book. i'd forgotten how much i enjoy reading plays.

on the food front, andy and i went to rouge last sunday. for me it was the last straw, b/c the "daily vegetarian offering" was even more pathetic than usual: marinated beets, succotash (i.e. steamed beans and corn), and steamed spinach. how stupid is that?! for 20 bucks i'd rather get chinese takeout for a week. i was esp. peeved b/c andy's fish came with this much more interesting creamy mushroom and greens mix. i'm f*cking sick of high end restaurants that don't offer anything good that's vegetarian. on the top of my list of higher end places where i can actually get a decent meal: hammersley's, troque, and casablanca (although i've only been to each of those places once), and sonsie. sad but true. blu, tremont 647, no. 9 park, caffe umbra, pretty much the majority of places i can think of in boston ... and the majority of places i've been to in new york, are all -pathetic- vegetarian-wise. i told andy that from now i'm not going anywhere unless i'm assured of getting something at least semi-interesting (and that more than likely means something that doesn't just throw together roasted red peppers and basil and the ubiquitous portobella mushroom although most places can't even manage something as simple as that) or unless it's asian in which case i'm sure to be able to get something decent. i'm afraid i was a bit pissy, but i'm sick and tired of eating second rate food and i'm sick and tired of having to waste time complaining about it. so that's that. so much for adventurous eating. i need to cook more anyway. anyway, in case you were wondering, winnie, rouge wasn't that great, bad vegetarian food aside. patty got a chunk of lettuce with a ranchy sauce for an appetizer while andy got the marinated beets salad (i didn't bother getting anything b/c the beets were already coming w/ my entree zzzzzzzzzzz), and patty's entree was pretty much another salad w/ little bits of trout in a sauce with some hushpuppies. andy had catfish, and he said overall the place is pricey for what it actually is. okay, enough ranting.
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3/26/2003: hung out w/ my friend roy last night. went to typhoon for the first time, which looks decent but actually is about the same as any fast food chinese place around. oh well.

roy had some pics from his trip to argentina. this was my favorite (for obvious reasons):

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3/23/2003: i have a growing suspicion that i have weird taste. most recently i had this feeling b/c of my fondness for "yo mama" jokes. a few days ago i was thinking, "man, i love yo mama jokes. i wonder if there's a". lo, and behold, there is! (god must be watching over me) it's still in the early stages, yet i've still been reminded of some great oldies and some ones i hadn't heard. here are some fresh off the site:

YoMama is so old ... her birth-certificate expired!
YoMama is so fat they had to baptize her at Sea World.
YoMama is so poor ... she goes to Kentucky Fried Chicken to lick other people's fingers!
YoMama is so stupid her breasts are square cuz she forgot to take the Kleenex out of the box.
YoMama is so ugly ... her mama had to tie a steak around her neck to get the dog to play with her!

um ... well, i thought they were funny.
posted by fwc | 4/1/2003 10:46:23 PM

3/21/03: went to the afghani restaurant called the helmand (sp?) near the cambridge galleria the other day w/ little debbie. why is this place so popular? i thought it was quite boring. the food was a lot like indian food. for our appetizer we had this baked eggplant which came as long thick strips with a yogurty sauce. pretty good, but it wasn't stellar. i had this spicy cauliflower dish and a turnip/ginger dish (the latter of which had way too much fresh ginger), and debbie had a lamb/spinach dish and a sort of spicy okra dish. both came with rather bland brownish rice. for dessert our choices were mostly puddings (inc. a rice pudding) or ice creams, or their version of baklava. in the end we settled on the flan (called "paneen") which tasted exactly like flan everywhere else you get it. zzzzzzz. well, so much for afghani food.

andy's still out of town, and man, it's amazing how much free time i have now, outside of the pining i mean (hahaha). to while away the long, long hours, i've been reading xmen (leavened by to the lighthouse which i pick up every once in a while when my brain rottage is reaching dangerous levels) and playing final fantasy 2. FF2 is awesome, esp. b/c it was never released in the us and someone's translated the rom into english so that we can play it w/ an emulator. technology rules!!! i'm such a deadbeat slacker!!!!!!!!!!!!!

note to self: this weekend, do something productive for once.
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3/19/03: got takeout last night from bangkok blue, a thai place on boylston across from the bpl. they have this spicy tofu dish there that i quite like, although it has quite a few things i gen don't like, inc. bamboo shoots, cashews, and baby corn. but in this dish i like it all. so far this place is at the top of my fav thai places, more out of default than anything else. need to try more outside of my 1 mile radius. not sure how authentic it is, but a thai guy i knew said he thought pad thai on boylston was the most authentic. i think that place is pretty good, but it's rather fast foody.

speaking of thai places, i have a tendency to revisit places i didn't like before to give them a second chance, but when i go i'm usu reminded of why i didn't like them in the first place. case in point, thai dish on newbury close to deluca's. i mean, there's nothing extraordinarily bad about it, but it's quite mediocre. they have these fried rice dumplings there, though, that are pretty good that i've never had in any other thai place. not really worth going out of your way to get, though.

hmm -- asian food is going to be the recurring theme. i think i need to hunt down some good veggie restaurants in boston. are there any? to be continued ...
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3/18/03: winnie said i should post something ... i'm planning on putting together a "in search of the best korean food in boston" blurb, but until that's done i guess i'll just write about a recent food adventure ... went to this korean/japanese place called suishaya in chinatown that was surprisingly good. i'd been once before but hadn't found it memorable, but this time was good. but what i really want to know is, is koreana ever going to be open?? it's been closed now for more than a year. um ...

andy left for england last night ... winnie asked him to bring back some percy's pigs or is it piglets something like that ... um, yeah. whoo, food!

saw mark morris on friday. overall pretty good, although in general a little more "jokey" than i had been expecting. we went on the night he was doing a q&a and most of the time andy and i agree q&a's are more insipid than enlightening, but mark morris was pretty funny. some of his remarks (greatly paraphrased):

Q: how do you pick which of your dancers appears in which piece?
MM: well, actually everyone learns every piece, so when it comes to picking which performer is on a particular night, well it has to do with a couple of things: if i'm mad at him or her, oh, and if we're in the dancer's hometown and his or her parents are in the audience. (laughs) well it's true! i put them in the front so that they look good.

Q: do you think you'll ever turn to choreographing for older people?
MM: um, no. i mean, when i can dance with two beautiful 25 year olds?!

Q: could you talk a little bit about your use of live music?
MM: i love using live music. why would anyone want to go to a broadway show without live music? they might as well print the words above the stage and call it broadway karaoke.

whoo, marky mark!
posted by fwc | 4/1/2003 05:11:07 PM

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