Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 13:21:20 -0500
From: "nacho"
Subject: fred's mix: info, yo

blargh! i wrote this yesterday but accidentally deleted it. so here it is again.

so hopefully you've gotten the mix by now. first off, tracks 4 and 5 are mislabelled and should be switched.

for this mix i wanted to put together some songs i like but think of as  "one hit wonders" b/c even though i like the song (or in some cases more like parts of a song), it doesn't make me want to go out and track down other songs by the same people. it might be interesting to see if any of these people become favorites of mine later on. i was also interested in seeing how what is on the fringe of my taste overlaps (or not) with other people's.

while making the mix i also thought about how i associate certain songs w/ certain people. a lot of the tracks are from mixes people have made me (the first track is from a mix mike made me), compilations, or promos i've gotten through the tech (school paper) that i've forced myself to listen to. i've almost always been able to find at least one or two things i like about any given cd, even ones i really dislike ... i think there's a moral in there somewhere. i also thought about how really radio-friendly songs and a lot of dance music generally get too old too quickly for me to put on a mix. b/c of all of these things i didn't necessarily anticipate wanting to listen to this mix all that much, but all in all i like how it turned out.

the mix is divided into 3 sections (i like sections in mixes in case you haven't noticed), separated by the three  "commercials". the last section is the most cohesive, and it consists of dance-y, mostly funk-tinged tracks. the first section was supposed to be sort of radio-friendly poppy. the middle section is sort of a hodgepodge, but it starts off being guitar-driven, has a couple of slow songs in the middle, and then ends w/ some electronic tracks which sort of leads into the last section.

hope that was enlightening -- haha ...
lata ..