From : fred
Sent : Monday, April 12, 2004 9:43 PM
Subject : [fatisflava] fred mix 7 info

this is another mix that i've had brewing for a rather long time. this
one was also another mix where i combined a couple of diff ideas. i'd
noticed that a lot of the albums i had from around 1998 had a similarly
dark tone, so i started with that. then i thought i'd include some longer
tracks, hence the three moody tracks (underworld, archers, and gavo). it
ended up that this mix doesn't have a whole lot of new people, but i
think that there are still some surprises. i really tried to pick tracks
that i think of being as very black, but some of them have other colors
in them as well. for example, i can't help thinking of the underworld
track as being a dark purple (from the cover i guess), although i esp.
like the last section where i think it gets darker. also, the tori track
i think of as having some dark red in there too, and the joni track i
think of as being a combination of really white juxtaposed with very
chilling black. heh. hope you like ...