adam has entered the room.
fred: hey
adam: hi
fred: no sign of the two girls
andy v has entered the room.
andy v: yo yo yo
andy v: hello Adam - Andy here
adam: howdy
fred: so adam are you going to hook me up w/ that ani cover?
adam: Freakshow?
fred: yeah
fred: cool. thanks
adam: np
adam: You should really get the whole CD at some point
adam: it's great
fred: yeah that track wasn't my fav on your CD. i'm def. going to pick up that cursive CD though
andy v: Fred - i thought you had the complete Ani
fred: i do. it's a cover
andy v: oh right
andy v: I'm just watching the cursive video
adam: the vampire one?
andy v: yes
andy v: I like it
fred: where are you watching it? on itunes?
adam: was that the real one or one a fan did?
andy v:
andy v: from the website
andy v: i haven't heard them before - kind of like this even though the singer's voice is a little wimpy :-)
fred: oh man i didn't even check out their website. i'll def. listen to it tomorrow
andy v: does the cellist do the same kind of thing on each track?
fred: i'm totally a sucker for cello. i think i've already said that
adam: haha there's a little more of it
adam: not every song though
adam: some of it is a lot harder
heather has entered the room.
fred: yeah i heard the "art is" something something song on amazon
andy v: yeah - I was listening to The Martyr
fred: i dig it though
fred: hi heather
andy v: which I like - spidery Fall / Beefheart like geetars
adam: Art is Hard
fred: so should we go w/ 4 or not?
heather: either way is fine with me
heather: fred did you email the list in case they are in the wrong chat program??
fred: yes
adam: Stopped paying attention, sorry :-)
fred: adam and andy what do you think? go or no?
andy v: sure - let's get things started
adam: I'm fine either way
fred: ok let's start then
fred: so adam's mix
fred: so adam are you gen. into bluegrass-y stuff or was that random?
andy v: this is a pretty varied selection though
fred: of bluegrass?
adam: it's one of the areas i like, but I have a pretty wide variety
andy v: no of all kinds of stuff
fred: yeah i liked how there were little groups though
fred: so it wasn't totally schizo
heather: i liked the transition from the latin-esque song to the blue grass.
adam: I went to school in Virginia, and liked to go out on bluegrass night to hear the locals
heather: it worked for me.
andy v: adam - are these things you've liked for a while or did you pick new stuff for this mix?
fred: you know, i'm from kentucky and i've never heard bluegrass music there
fred: i should totally try to find some when i go home
fred: although in reality i'm prob. as likely to find good bluegrass here as there i'd imagine
andy v: nah
andy v: it's in the blood there
fred: sure. i'm pretty psyched that american music has had a revival
fred: i think it's great to be into your country's folk music
fred: so i said before i was confused by heather's comment about the song about the guy in some random woman's room b/c she said it was tr 11 but it was actually tr 12, the cursive track
heather: yup, i was mistaken.
andy v: who are cursive? should i know them more?
fred: i was surprised heather that you listen to lyrics so closely
fred: one lyric in particular you mentioned is pretty hard to understand actually. did you look it up?
heather: no, i listen to music in my car, really loud and played the cd over and over.
fred: oh ok. i listen at work usually
fred: listening to music in the car is prob. the thing i miss most about driving
fred: well maybe not the most
andy v: I end up listening when I'm doing something else at the computer
fred: so what were favs for that mix?
andy v: so I often don't give trhings as much attention as I'd like
andy v: for Adam's?
fred: yeah
heather: in heavy rotation was the lemon jelly song fast forwarded into it.
andy v: I like the Beck - although it still sounds kind of Odelay-ee
heather: i like when it sort of stops and then starts again 2/3 of the way through.
fred: yeah that lemon jelly track is great
andy v: I really liked the eels track
adam: yeah that song gets a nice groove
heather: loved the mac voicey thing in the beck song.
fred: hold on i'm trying to find that 2/3 of the way through thing
andy v: that's fun
fred: oh yeah i get what you mean now
fred: like around 4:00
adam: I have another Lemon Jelly track that I was thinking about adding
andy v: what's this from?
andy v: the Beck?
fred: oh yeah which one?
heather: am driving myself insane trying to figure out which cat stevens sounds just like the flaming lips song - which i love!
adam: Nice weather for ducks
fred: cat stevens??
andy v: I like the ducks one
andy v: hah!
fred: yeah me too
andy v: yes - that's great :-0
heather: and love the cure like feel of cursive
fred: i still haven't gotten into beck
fred: he seems pretty same-y to me
andy v: I like it - but . . . and I don;t know what the 'but' is
heather: freaker by the speaker is very vivid. i can see some freak going nuts on the dance floor, i like it.
adam: it's a remake of a beck song
adam: well remix
fred: oh yeah?
andy v: ah ok
fred: do you know who did it?
andy v: I keep getting thrown by Jimmie's Chicken Shack cuz the beginning sounds like Primus to me and I think I'm a track ahead
fred: hm. i didn't think the cursive track sounded like the cure, but there's something about the wistfulness that's cure-y
andy v: then it sorts itself out
andy v: i think the opening of cursive sounds cure-y
heather: from the album with love song on it.
andy v: imagine more guitar wash
fred: what do you mean sorts itself out?
heather: but what i really, really want to know is what cat stevens song sounds like the flaming lips song.
fred: H, that album's disintegration. lovesong was like the only good song on that album
heather: yup, that is the name of it.
heather: thx!
fred: the cursive track is too fast for that era of the cure i think
adam: It was done by 8-bit using a gameboy
andy v: I don't get The Flaming Lips
adam: (the beck track)
fred: using a gameboy?
fred: that sounds familiar
andy v: wow
fred: actually that sounds really familiar. did you mention it before?
adam: dunno
adam: maybe
adam: there were 3 other tracks on the EP
fred: but you don't know who did the remix?
adam: 1 more by 8-bit and 2 by Paza using an Atari ST
adam: 8-bit did it
fred: ohhh
adam: they rock
fred: yeah? interesting
adam: they dress up like robots
fred: haha. awesome
fred: re: the eels, i have a roommate who was into him, but never really got into his voice or his style
fred: oops had a roommate
andy v: yeah - they never hit me before . . but I like this
fred: i think it's a he
andy v: reminds me of Beck though
fred: listening to it now though i'm diggin' it
adam: I like the eels a lot
andy v: especially the beginning
andy v: they have a new double CD don;t they?
fred: yeah that little twinkly bit around :45 is good
fred: it's not a THEY!
adam: but the album I'll listen to depends on my mood
fred: it's a HE
andy v: oh yeah
andy v: and he also did an interesting rap thing didn't he?
fred: i have to say the mates of state track is totally my fav of theirs
adam: Mr. E
andy v: Dr. something or something
fred: this is the song that turned my hatred of them 180 degrees. actually that's not true, b/c i think it was coming gradually, but i love love love this track
fred: i love how it has all these diff sections to it
fred: this song totally makes me want to get the CD
adam: Which song?
fred: mates
fred: what kind of keyboard does he play? anyone know?
andy v: Yamaha
fred: seriously?
andy v: YC 45
fred: ??
andy v: from 1970
andy v: it's on their website
fred: HAHA
fred: cheater
andy v: did you think I was an organ genius?
fred: haha. nah
heather: i was really impressed!
andy v: I should have kept the pretense up!
fred: ok we should prob move on since we got such a late start. anymore comments on adam's?
heather: i really liked it.
andy v: opened some doors for me
adam: great thats what i like
andy v: do you all know Peewee's Big Adventure?
heather: definitely got some cool new songs.
andy v: oir whatever it's called?
heather: and some clever lyrics.
adam: not personally
fred: for me it was more like it expanded on my small knowledge of some people and made me more interested in getting to know them better. like the tragically hip which i really liked
fred: also some great new people.
andy v: from which comes the line "I'm a loner, Dottie, a rebel"
heather: i am familiar with the pee wee herman show...
fred: also, wanted to say that ratatat reminded me of daft punk. that was another fav
fred: oh yeah andy and i have been meaning to rent some of the TV show
fred: haha
adam: Did you see their movie?
fred: pee wee?
adam: Daft Punk
fred: movie?
adam: Animated
fred: really?
andy v: daft punk and peewee - now I'd see that!
fred: is it all music?
adam: Yeah it's their last album
fred: huh. interesting. i'll look into it
heather: that does sound like campy good fun.
fred: any more comments?
adam: The Movie is called intersteller star 555 or something
andy v: summer rain
fred: ?
andy v: dripping down your face again
andy v: take the pain killer
fred: haha
fred: ok, heather's mix
andy v: "cycle on your bicycle" IS A GREAT LINE
fred: yeah that track was great
andy v: oops - sorry - didn't mean to shout
fred: sounds pretty old-school
fred: when's this from? sounds 70's
heather: i agree, i'm a cyclist and i love that cutesy image.
andy v: other stuff of theirs sounds straight, tame to me . . am I missing something?
fred: i def. had this song on repeat
andy v: Heather - do you like other stuff of theirs or just this?
fred: and i love that click-y guitar sound, like around 1:20
heather: it was released in 2003
heather: sadly, nope, i have the album and it's pretty oatmeal
fred: that's too bad
andy v: yeah - that's what I found
andy v: odd huh? but I do like this song
fred: so is this Mambo Craze track a remix?
andy v: it's great ain't it? like happy portishead
fred: is it just me or do all songs that have clips from old movies sound similar?
andy v: it's just you
fred: ha. that's a good description
heather: yeah mambo craze is on a buddah bar cd
andy v: love the 'hey' followed by the whip crack
fred: is that a band?
andy v: you need to go clubbing more Fred
adam: Are they related to gotan project?
heather: buddah bar is a series of cds by david visan
heather: actually he coordinated them but didn't mix all the stuff.
heather: yeah, i think they are.
fred: i need to go clubbing more? why's that?
andy v: aren't they usually world music crossover mixes?
fred: what's gotan project?
andy v: just joe king
adam: Downtempo groovy latiny stuff
heather: they are usually a little world music, but can be a total mix bag.
fred: like brazilian girls?
heather: a lot of indian-esque stuff... with random stuff tossed in.
andy v: I like this track - it's . . . . wry
heather: there is a song on one that has deprak chopra and demi moore talking/singing about love and peace.
andy v: 'my heart is filled with gladness'
heather: .
fred: i'm totally digging this track now. i wasn't in the mood for it before, but now that it's sunny it's really groovy
heather: yup.
heather: you are absolutely correctg.
fred: sunny and humid
andy v: sticky and threatening
fred: the pixies and the clash were good familiar faces
andy v: yeah - although I gotta say these are a couple of my least fave tracks from each band!
heather: i LOVE the clash and Bowie.
heather: i rarely make a mix without one or the other.
fred: at the pixies concert their perf of vamos was great
andy v: it's so noisy
fred: that's cool heather. i'd love to have a bowie mix that really showed his whole history. up for it?
andy v: oh that would be so cool
fred: the only bowie album i really know is earthling which i really like
heather: yes, actually i started thinking about one last night.
andy v: include the wild eyed boy from freecloud
andy v: no - I'm putting it on my mix
fred: this modest mouse track might very well be the one that turns me around on them and stop me from hating them
heather: earthling is good.
fred: oops stops
andy v: i just saw some Live Aid footage last week with Bowie looking ultra hip
andy v: it must have been the station to station era
heather: i've seen bowie live a few times in the last few years and that man rocks.
heather: i've seen a lot of old rockers and he's definitely the best of the group.
adam: Don't hate them for selling out to kidz bop
fred: yeah? he still tours?
andy v: oh - I've never seen him . . but i must correct that
heather: yeah, he tours a lot.
fred: does he tour the states extensively too?
andy v: I like this modest mouse too
heather: yup, little places too. i've seen him at the orpheum twice.
andy v: finally . . .I must have heard the wrong things before
fred: cool. yeah this MM is good. i like the bendy bits
fred: me too
heather: his bass guitarist is a woman named gail ann dorsey.
heather: she's terrific.
adam: have you heard moon and antarctica?
fred: the album? no
andy v: nice country-ish lilt thing
heather: some of it.
fred: i'll def give them another chance though
adam: It was their first breakout
andy v: likerwise
fred: actually now that you say country-ish, this MM track really reminds me of the shins
andy v: yeah i know what you mean
heather: fred when did you see the pixies?
heather: modest mouse reminds me of the shins too.
fred: this mix also reminded me i need to look into perry ferrell more. there's this porno for pyros track i really love
fred: but i never really followed up on it
fred: i tried to once but w/out getting bit
fred: pixies were at BU's stadium last week
andy v: i miss Perry Farrell's 'Jane Says' voice
heather: me too!
andy v: that's what I want to hear!
fred: is that a song?
andy v: squeaking
heather: we moved to the back of the stadium in the middle and the sound was great.
heather: i just burned a cd with jane says last night.
andy v: yep - jane's addiction - first, second album?
heather: "i only know that he wants me"
fred: andy do you have any of his albums?
andy v: nope, sorry
fred: aw
heather: the perry farrel album that song is on, songs yet to be sung, is beautiful.
andy v: I'll pick some up tomorrow F
fred: nah
andy v: is it recent heather?
fred: or you could get it off of BMG prob.
andy v: yup F
fred: actually tracks 10 through 17 form a really nice laid-back section
heather: i have perry farrell, i'll give you a copy if you want it.
fred: make me a perry farrell mix! :-)
fred: haha. i should warn you i'm totally going to bum music off of you if you let me
andy v: ah yes that would be interesting
fred: yeah actually i felt w/ this mix it was a bit schizo at the beginning, but from track 7 on it settled down
andy v: Heather - why the Hu Jay track?
heather: i also have the one with jane's nothing's shocking
andy v: you know the original, I guess?
heather: oh, i love reggae.
heather: and i have an entire album of rolling stones songs done by reggae artists.
heather: and i just had to share!
fred: you know, i still haven't been able to get into either reggae or spanish music (like tr 6)
andy v: really - hmm . . that sounds kind of interesting
fred: tr 3 is a rolling stones song???
heather: i also have a reggae album of the police songs so if you all hate reggae, you might want to tell me now.
andy v: specially as the Stones have known about reggae since before it became popular
andy v: hmm
andy v: yes Fred
heather: the thing is the stones just don't sound the same reggae. it cracks me up.
fred: andy do you have the orig? i'd like to hear it
andy v: yes Fred
andy v: i do
fred: coo'
heather: i have another album called picking on something and it's bluegrass of songs you know, but no lyrics, so you just have to sort of figure it out.
andy v: the police were so much more obviously reggae influenced - that makes zsense
andy v: i like other genre covers - illuminating
fred: it's funny how reggae has done a lot of "-ifying" of songs, no? ska also. and disco
fred: although i suppose you could do that w/ any genre music really, like bluegrass
fred: or metal
adam: dread zeppelin
andy v: and early rock and roll did it too
fred: like what?
andy v: lot's of Presley is covers of country songs, standards, r'n'b
heather: yeah, ub40 almost always rips off other peoples stuff.
andy v: oh them . . .
heather: rather they cover a lot of their stuff.
heather: keep in mind i grew up in nantucket, i get to love reggae.
andy v: yeah - they're still going strong
andy v: uh
fred: are they early rock 'n roll?
andy v: nantucket . . .reggae
heather: ub40 = reggae
fred: ah
andy v: I don't get it heather
adam: red red wine
heather: island... reggae....
andy v: fred - ub40 are an english reggae band from the 80's
andy v: ah ah - ok :-)
fred: ah
fred: i know red red wine
fred: not a fan of that one
andy v: they had some good stuff
fred: ok we should prob. wrap this up
andy v: macy gray sounds like she'd be fun, but challenging, to hang with
andy v: yeah i guess
fred: i have to say that this is one of the few mixes that i've pretty much liked to some degree or other every track
andy v: these were both great mixes i thought
heather: macy gray would definitely tell you if she thought you sucked.
andy v: lots of stuff new to me
fred: so we'll have to see if that's this mix or just that i like H's taste
andy v: oh - no doubt!
heather: but at least you would know where you stand.
fred: yeah we need more black women music! :-)
andy v: standing next to macy
heather: she's got some good company.
andy v: now I'm going to entirely revise the mix I was making
heather: don't do it!
andy v: ok - this was a good start, yeah?
andy v: well . .
heather: we might all change our minds about what we like!
andy v: no, we're committed - in print!
fred: this would've been a better start if everyone had been here! but oh well
heather: glad you liked the mix.
andy v: yeah - but next time
andy v: did
fred: ok everyone thanks for coming
heather: glad to be part of the mix group.
fred: and thanks adam and H for the mixes
fred: i'm def. itching for some new mixes though
adam: yeah me too
andy v: bye heather, adam, fred - thanks - next time
fred: gotta get my steady supply
adam: later
heather: later.
andy v: bye
heather: bowie mix in works...
fred: ciao
andy v has left the room.
adam has left the room.