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fred: uh oh i hope shannon is able to make it
fred: let's give her 2 more minutes shall we?
andy: sounds good
heather: yup
fred: ok i guess we should go ahead
fred: oh here she is
shannon has entered the room.
fred: whoo!
fred: welcome all
andy: full house
shannon: sorry!!!
fred: no prob
andy: I was late
fred: should we start w/ andy's or mine?
fred: ok how about mine
heather: sounds good
fred: did anyone already know any of the people from my mix?
fred: or were most unfamiliar?
heather: despite your title, i found your cd very soothing
andy: I knew some of the names
shannon: most were unfamiliar to me
adam: not all
heather: i knew almost nothing by name on either side, but recognized a few songs...
fred: oh yeah?
andy: I loved this mix though - surprisingly - at first listen I thought . . nice enough
heather: i thought it was great that you put all the side info..
andy: but then it kicked in quickly
fred: apparently that "glorious" track has been on the radio
fred: maybe not that remix though
heather: i loved the song living in coffins.
fred: i felt like most of these tracks weren't really "genre" tracks if you know what i mean
fred: actually that was a typo! it's supposed to be "leaving in coffins"
fred: haha
shannon: I like living in coffins better!
heather: oh, well it's such a happy sounding but totally glum song, it works both ways.
fred: one thing about my elec. preferences i was worried that the mix might be too much of the same kind of sound
heather: i liked that, it worked for me.
fred: like it's all pretty sparse textures
shannon: I'm not generally too into anything electronic but I liked it pretty well
fred: cool
fred: glad to hear that
andy: it's pretty varied I think
shannon: state shirt reminded me a bit of Primal Scream
fred: hm. haven't heard of that
andy: there's a sample in the first state shirt - the gulpy bark
andy: it reminds me of something else . . . . . anyone know?
andy: I can't think what it is
fred: it reminds me of that latin american instrument that makes that squeaky noise
andy: oh - the cuica
fred: what do you think?
andy: I like the egg
andy: I like lamb
andy: i love bioluminescence
heather: i like the lamb too, love her voice
shannon: yeah the vocalist in lamb is good
andy: I thought lamb were alt-country
adam: has she done anything else?
andy: who am i thinking of?
fred: apparently that's not typically lamb. i think they're stuff is usu. harder
shannon: maybe you're thinking of lambchop?
fred: don't know about the lamb chick. she kind of reminds me of bjork/goldfrapp
heather: me too
andy: oh yes - lambchop
andy: close :-)
fred: i mean i don't know about her. she sounds like she has a bit of an accent, but i think she's just british
andy: talking of british - I'm a big fan of dizzee
fred: me too
fred: haven't got the 2nd album yet though
andy: ah - tomorrow
fred: i thought the tracks that stuck out the most were the dizzee rascal and the FBH
andy: fbh is very beach boys
shannon: FBH reminded me of New Order
fred: but the dizzee fit pretty well in general
andy: it did?
andy: hmm
fred: w/ the aesthetic i mean
fred: you didn't think so?
fred: what do guys think of stephin merritt?
andy: no - i mean the new order connection
andy: now I can hear it, actually
shannon: oh. yeah it really did but less dancy and more dreamy
fred: really? i don't really hear new order
andy: the song has it, not the performance i think
shannon: I have a love hate thing w/ stephen merritt
andy: imagine no doing it and it sounds quite no'y
fred: FBH sounds so indie to me. it sounds very stephin merritt to me
fred: i know what you mean shannon
fred: i can't take him in large doses, but he does come up w/ some good stuff
shannon: do you? yay no one else seems to
andy: I saw him a couple of years ago - what a long drab concert it was
shannon: exactly
shannon: was it?
fred: he's so prolific, you figure he has to come up w/ a lot of good and bad stuff
andy: with an occasional gem
fred: did you guys know FBH is co-written by stephin merritt?
andy: yeah - kind of homely and plain
andy: and his annoying cellist/piano woman seemed to think it was her show, not his
fred: although apparently for the 2nd album he wrote the melody and lyrics after the rest of the music. don't know if he did it that way for the first album
fred: what was wrong w/ the woman? what'd she do?
andy: she talked and talked
fred: talked? about what?
andy: and told 'amusing anecdotes'
adam: haha
fred: hmm
fred: weird
andy: and spoke warmly about Stephen's ways
andy: with him sitting there . . it was a little icky
shannon: how did he react?
fred: that's bizarre
andy: well - I exaggerate
heather: sounds dreadful!
andy: no - it was ust a bit PBS
fred: i think my fav track still on this mix is the bioluminescence track
andy: I love that
fred: yeah.
fred: it totally makes me think of that AI movie
fred: even though that movie sucked
andy: not the end bit though
fred: this track is so beautifully produced
andy: yeah
fred: i'm totally jealous about it
fred: heh
andy: what's going on in "in the box'?
andy: is it a remix?
fred: yup
andy: what of?
fred: no idea
fred: i just know of it from the remixer who i really like
andy: i love screaming recorded messily then remixed at a comfortable level
fred: i love how you can't understand what the heck he's saying
andy: i keep thinking it's in english
fred: yeah
fred: it might be
andy: I received another heat seeker
andy: or something
fred: any loves/hates/surprises?
shannon: this was the first time I heard the scissor sisters, though I have heard of them so much
heather: i wondered how boy in da corner snuck on there.
andy: oh - that's grown on me too
adam: That's a band that grew on me
heather: me too, i was suprised how 80's they sounded.
fred: i don't really know any scissor S, but i'm def. interested in hearing more
adam: i think it's cause falsettos take time to get used to
fred: i love falsettos!
fred: most of the time
shannon: they seem to have an emphasis on melody which I like
fred: i thought they were kind of a joke group based on what i heard about their pink floyd in the style of beegees song, but i def. like this track
fred: they also did this kylie minogue song which i like
heather: i thought so too, i swear someone thought i would love them and had me watch a video that seemed straight out of long haired bad 80's music.
fred: you don't like 80's music?
heather: is this typical
heather: i LOVE 80's music
fred: andy, do you have their album?
heather: total 80's music junkie.
adam: was that the one for "do you believe in a thing called love"?
fred: yeah? 80's has really grown on me recently
shannon: no that's the darkness
adam: wait
fred: hahaha
fred: yeah
adam: that's darkness
fred: the darkness!!
adam: haha
fred: haha
heather: now is a perfect time to love 80's because all the bands need money and are touring again.
fred: that's a great video
fred: yeah, but apparently people aren't really interested in 80's bands making new music
fred: as evidenced by how their new albums have flopped
adam: i have the ss album
fred: how is it?
adam: nothing stellar, but I enjoyed it
fred: i forget if i've said this before, but i find the synth sound to be really warm. i think people were afraid elec music would be cold when it first happened, but i think people don't really think of it that way
fred: or maybe i'm just making this up
andy: no - this whole mix has a warm groove
fred: some elec music is pretty cold though i think
fred: like BT
fred: oops
shannon: I find it to be kind of cold, actually, generally speaking. Depends. But yeah your mix -- not so much
fred: like BT-type people don't really do much for me
andy: sure - but there's cold regular music too
fred: but that could just be b/c it's shallow
andy: who knew the bonus track?
shannon: true but there's no substitute for wood sometimes
adam: homestar?
adam: lightswitch rave
andy: woo hoo
fred: yeah!
fred: whoo!
shannon: nice!
fred: some people can't get past lo-fi electronic sounds, like the casio sounds on the tristeza track, but i actually like the i guess innocence of it
adam: The cheat, we did not install a lightswitch so that you could throw lightswitch raves
fred: haha
fred: ok we should move on to andy's mix. any last fred mix comments?
heather: what is your favorite track (s)?
fred: mine was the lonbobby and prob. the mjuo tracks
andy: bioluminescence and wall
fred: really? i thought the egg track was kind of bland
shannon: I'm going with FBH and mjuo
heather: i am sticking with the sad coffin song...
andy: it's like they might be giants strung out and hippy
fred: the other FBH is much more kitsch-y
fred: the egg is like TMBG??
fred: i totally don't see that
andy: well i don't know if that's what I really mean
fred: hm
fred: ok andy mix
andy: sorry folks - no info and a big big big mistake gap inb the center of the mix
fred: ha
shannon: I got really into the silver scooter song
fred: yeah that was one of my favs
shannon: speaking of 80s throwbacks
andy: yes!
fred: yeah?
fred: that didn't make me think 80's
heather: i went to change the cd, i agree the egg does have a tmbg feel.. i think it's the guys voice maybe.
fred: it sounded modern indie to me
fred: the silver scooter i mean
andy: yeah - something there - not sure what!
shannon: certainly with modern production, but written in the style of an 80s pop song, for me anyway
andy: s.s. sounded 90's indie to me
fred: hm
shannon: ha - that's what modern indie is to me!!
fred: yeah ditto andy
fred: haha
fred: modern indie sounds more 60's and 70's than 80's to me
fred: i guess it depends though
andy: i know nothing about them
fred: i was surprised how much i liked the til tuesday track b/c apparently it's aimee mann who i heard a solo track of and hated
andy: I just found a couple of things online and liked 'em
fred: is she another sarah mclachlan chick or is she better in general?
heather: i sang the til tuesday out loud while driving the first time i heard it... i was totally psyched>
fred: oh yeah? did you already know it?
heather: yeah, it was from the early 90's late 80's
andy: i don't know much about til tuesday but they were pretty big I think?
fred: yeah i love that chorus
shannon: boo, I really like aimee mann
heather: if it wasn't on a soundtrack it should have been one.
fred: i'll have to borrow the CD from andy
andy: the rest of it isn't so good Fred
heather: they were esp in boston.
fred: the whole mix actually threw me for a long time b/c i kept thinking it should be upbeat when in reality it's nice and mellow
heather: no, it's repetitive, but that song is great.
andy: I bought it for this track and one other
andy: well - this was a messy mix
fred: i sometimes have a soft spot for chick music like this
andy: the plan was to make a mix of entirely optimistic songs
andy: but not love songs
adam: tangent: found it! http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail45.html
andy: not patriotic songs, or whatever - not party songs - but optimistic songs
andy: but after like 6 of them . . . I couldn't find anymore
heather: it's funny you mention chick music, i usually dislike anything but tracy chapman/macy gray/joan armatrading sorts of stuff, but both of these mixes had some stuff that i liked.
fred: i'd noticed before that there aren't many out and out "happy" songs, but optimistic is getting a bit narrow, no?
fred: SHANNON LIKES CHICK MUSIC!!!! hahahahaha
fred: oops not shannon
fred: heather
andy: tracy joan and macy are some hardass chicks Fred, you better beware
shannon: that's too funny, I can't listen to that stuff at all.
heather: yeah, i think there are only a dozen female musicians that made my ipod...
andy: heather - you know Joan Armatrading!
andy: she's so forgotten now
heather: yes, show some emotion is one of my favorite songs.
fred: i thought she'd misspelled joan what's her face, osborne. haha
andy: i just downloaded Love and Affection
heather: she is but i just got a big mix of madeline pyroux which isn't at all in the same chick genre, but i have fallen for her stuff...
heather: so who knows maybe the ipod will get some female singers.
andy: does anyone else love underwolrd the way I do
andy: and why do I
adam: born slippy
fred: that track's so overplayed!
andy: isn't that great though!
adam: haha
adam: yeah but it was the one that got me into them
fred: my druggie friends used to totally use underworld as their druggy soundtrack though
andy: I love them, but I don;t really see why
andy: oh well
shannon: I can't connect to them, I tried
heather: one of my spin teachers put the underworld song on many of her mixes so i did really like it.
fred: haha
fred: cool
heather: it made me want to go biking.
heather: i loved nothing brings me down.
fred: i really liked the arthur russell track, but like that whole album the edges are so soft that it's hard to hear the song. i love how the two "songs" overlap though.
fred: and there's a lot of good stuff in the music if you listen carefull
fred: oops carefully
fred: heather, do you know joanna newsom?
heather: nope.
fred: that's totally what this emiliana track sounds like to me
shannon: I liked nothing brings me down, too, more and more the more I heard it
heather: i'll have to check her out.
fred: yeah i love JN!
fred: i feel like this emiliana track suffers in comparison, but then when it gets to around 2:10 i really like it
heather: in the slightly cheesy category, i loved twuneadnudna song...
shannon: doesn't she play some strings instrument, cello?
fred: JN plays the harp
shannon: right
andy: the whole dwele cd is good actually
heather: is it?
andy: in a kind of give it up and let go way
fred: yeah actually from 2:10 to the rest of this emiliana track i really love it
fred: great ambience
andy: I mean it's not the greatest album ever - but it has a sweet feel
andy: I like how the emiliana track sounds like she's actually sitting in her apartment singing this while the rain falls
shannon: do any of you know anything about Skip James?
fred: wasn't into the dwele
fred: too monochromatic for me
andy: too r n b for Fred
fred: maybe too seal for me
andy: aaaaarrrrggghhh
fred: haha
andy: nnnnoooooooo
fred: ditto!
andy: not SEAL
heather: that's what i liked about the emilina song.
adam: hah
heather: and her earnestness.
fred: yeah
fred: it's funny, w/ the P spree and P5 you picked two tracks that are so mellow compared to their other stuff, no?
andy: this is her 2nd CD - I think emiliana's first was quite poppy
andy: can't remember for sure tho'
fred: actually the p5's not that mellow, but the p spree is
andy: yeah - largely because of messy album edits
fred: ?
andy: I think I've turned against P Spree since this mix
fred: aw
fred: i like the crazy flute parts
fred: other than that i mostly just like the "ba ba ba ba ba" parts at the end
heather: i think they are cute, but maybe too cute.
andy: love the B'52's though . . . can't go wrong
fred: i was kind of surprised how much i liked the b-52s track. i think i should listen to their whole album
andy: they were good
fred: i've been tainted though since loveshack overstayed its welcome
fred: what happened to the b52s? were they a band that didn't survive the 80s?
shannon: they are so great, but in small to medium quantities, like drugs
fred: hahaha
adam: their videos hurt my eyes
andy: !
shannon: i lived in athens GA for awhile and met the redheaded girl
fred: haha
andy: you did!!
fred: cool
shannon: she was nice
shannon: no beehive though
fred: i thought the three instrumentals were nice
andy: REm are from Athens aren;t they?
fred: i'm trying to get into instrumentals more
heather: speaking of oddness and beehives, the holiday for strings reminded me of the cremaster series of movies....
heather: though i did love it.
andy: oh - I haven't seenthem yet
fred: although i guess the last track isn't instrumental
shannon: yeah they are (from athens)
heather: they are unforgettable.
fred: the cremaster series?? how so??
andy: have you seen all 230 hours?
andy: or whstever
heather: hell no.
shannon: um, what? cremaster series?
heather: thank god, i have enough trouble just keeping the few i've seen from overcoming my crisp clean mind.
andy: beware the depravity
fred: i like that last track. it's very nick at nite
fred: cremaster series = visual artist matthew barney's work
shannon: hmm, ok
heather: http://www.cremaster.net/
shannon: thanks
fred: speaking of which ... bjork just did a soundtrack for barney's latest work
andy: bjork's beau
fred: which i just heard today and it's pretty amazing
andy: yes?
fred: yeah
andy: but does she rock
fred: but i love bjork, so i'm pretty easy to please
fred: ok we should wrap this up
heather: if bjork and barney date, they should definitely get her kids into therapy.
andy: yurp
fred: yeah they're "dating"
heather: yikes
fred: they had a kid together
heather: oh god, you're killing me!
fred: talk about meeting of the minds
fred: bjork seems pretty stable to me
andy: crebjorkster
fred: HAHA
heather: see earlier reference re. drugs...
heather: small doses.
fred: haha
fred: bjork RULEZ
andy: moderation
andy: Ok
andy: i'm down to single words
fred: ok parting comments? any favs/hates?
fred: i hate the tahiti80 guy's voice
andy: yeah - woossy
fred: and i'm still loving the til tuesday track
heather: sticking with nothing brings me down
shannon: i miss the sugarcubes though
heather: thought you pulled off optimism just fine.
heather: i was having a rough week when i got it and having an optimsitic cd definitely helped.
andy: cool, thanks :-)
fred: my optimism mix would've been a lot sunnier, but i still liked the mix
shannon: woops I think I'm on a delay
andy: mine should have been, but a gloomy guy
fred: not sure how some of the tracks fit, like the underworld track, but it was still good
andy: looking forward to the next mixes
fred: ok so heather and shannon's mixes are next?
fred: have you made them yet?
fred: do you have the addresses?
andy: stop it Fred
heather: yup... mine aren't done yet, but you'll get them soon enough.
heather: yup.
fred: ok cool
fred: yeah i def. need new mixes
andy: junky
fred: yeah
heather: mine could be a real mixed bag...
fred: fine by me
andy: ok folks - I need dessert - I'm outahere
fred: ok catch you all next month?
heather: yum, desert, me too! later
fred: ok later
andy: bye - next time :-)
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