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fred: hm i guess we should start
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fred: so shannon, how much did you try to keep this mix cohesive? or not?
andy: I hear it as cohesive - there's a feel to it
fred: yeah. partly i think that's b/c it's so guitar-centric
andy: yeah - but it's gritty too
fred: yeah
andy: and full of firearms, of course
shannon: hey there you all are, I got stuck
shannon: um, lyrically I tried to make it somewhat cohesive
andy: hey Shannon - we're talking bout you
shannon: musically I'm not sure I did a good job
fred: yeah but when you concentrate on lyrics like that it's harder to make the music gel
shannon: I am glad you guys hear a bit of that though
fred: i think it works. there's a bluesy/country sort of feel to a lot of the tracks also
andy: I think so though - it has a kind of spareness
shannon: that's very true
andy: yeah - I agree
fred: maybe it's b/c hicks are violent
andy: those hicks
shannon: ha!
fred: also was wondering what percentage or so of these people are really well known or are a lot of them obscure people you've found?
shannon: um... hold on let me look them over
andy: I know moat of these I think - or names anyway
fred: yeah?
fred: frem tr 6 on i didn't recognize that many
andy: all except wrens, hipnotix and heatmiser
fred: knew the wrens
andy: oh - and scud mountain boys
andy: oh - OK - the pernicre bros. I guess I lied
shannon: well certainly the country guys are very well known, The Jam, Marley, Sugarcubes etc. are all well known
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heather: sorry i'm late...
shannon: prob half and half maybe? I tend to like the obscure
shannon: hi!
andy: hey Heather
heather: hola
fred: so were the scud mountain boys actually country or not? i don't listen to country so it's hard for me to tell
fred: who else were the "country guys"?
andy: johnny cash
andy: kinda
shannon: yes and no. Country influenced but def. not "country" as a genre. at best I would say
andy: uncle tupelo influenced
shannon: willie nelson
shannon: yeah UT and SMB kinda fall in the same category
fred: ah
andy: kind of alt-country-ish?
fred: does alt country get played on the radio?
shannon: ?? not to my knowledge
shannon: maybe college radio, I don't know, I never listen
andy: radio is all fantazia and mariah, isn't it?
heather: no!
adam: haha
heather: depends on station!
fred: boston's good for college stations, no?
andy: yeah - I'm thinking commuter radio
andy: yup
heather: wers - emerson rovks great reggae & accoustic stuff.
heather: same for wumb...
andy: is the mountain goats track typical? all I've heard from him has been resolutely acoustic
heather: sans the reggae'
andy: oh - I like emerson - I forget about them
shannon: this latest album is much louder and more produced
shannon: called The Sunset Tree
andy: oh - this is from the new one?
shannon: yep
andy: Ok - yeah I heard some other stuff which I liked - do you know earlier stuff too?
andy: it's good?
shannon: most of it
adam: I have a couple older ones
andy: good lyrics
shannon: you either like it or hate it I think. It's like him and his four track.
andy: yeah - it;'s kind of clumsy and angular
shannon: he has a colloquial delivery, not really lyrically normal
fred: i noticed there weren't a lot of women on this mix. is it b/c women aren't so violent? ;-)
heather: the sundays?
andy: I like how off kilter it is, but not sure yet if I like it for itself
shannon: I'm pretty damn violent, when inspired!
andy: yeah -fred - what about Liza Minelli?
fred: eh??
andy: thjat's a violent woman
fred: is she??
fred: what about courtney love? ;-)
andy: according to her recently divorced hubby
andy: another one! - the monster
fred: so i liked the maria track
andy: me too - is she the Texas woman?
shannon: ooh yeah Courtney Love is violent. truth be told, I don't listen to a lot of women
andy: the band I mean
fred: not surprising though b/c i often like songs that have a lot of diff sections
shannon: the maria mckee is over the top but I kind of like that about her
fred: yeah
fred: i know what you mean
fred: do you know xiu xiu?
fred: he's totally over the top, but it's good
shannon: no
fred: kind of electronic/avant garde
shannon: hmm, I'll have to check it out
fred: i like the sweeter "scarlover" section, like around 1:30
fred: and i like how the sections are diff but connected
andy: is the willie nelson a live recording - is that stevie nicks?
fred: is it??
andy: it isn;t is it?
shannon: it's not live, but his album tracks often have a live feel. it's emmylou harris
andy: oh really!?
andy: people I know keep raving about her
shannon: she
shannon: is great...
shannon: if you can get into the classic country thing
andy: but I haven't really listened yet - I like her here
andy: I surely can, Ma'am
fred: it's kind of interesting how the "violence" on this mix is so diff. from the overt violence in rap
fred: although i have to admit i didn't listen to the lyrics that closely on this b/c i never do
shannon: it's kind of beautiful on a few of these songs. It's like a state of mind rather than an act
andy: I think rap is about something different though
fred: yeah it's like it's pushing the emotions up and outward
fred: rap is more about threats i think
andy: yep - and it comes out of an emotional clinch,
andy: country I mean - rap is about threats and territorey
fred: mm
andy: mm - yeah maybe
adam: and money and hoes
shannon: I doubt Johnny Cash thought he had anything to prove
andy: gotta have the money and hoes
shannon: ha! and bling
fred: the other track i liked a lot was tucked away at the very end. is this vic guy also a country guy?
andy: you think? - he seemed to live a pretty troubled life though
fred: they made a johnny cash movie w/ reese witherspoon as his wife!
fred: 2nd wife i should say i think
andy: but he had a context, p'raps
fred: she plays the autoharp or something!
shannon: Vic is in a category all to himself. He was lumped into the alt country thing but I totally don't put him there
fred: i really loved the background sounds on this
fred: this little crackly sound
fred: is it just me or does he sound like marianne faithfull? ha
andy: he does!!
fred: haha
andy: so does the song
fred: yeah
fred: actually
andy: it's good
shannon: he is a difficult guy, he is confined to a wheelchair and has a total chip on his shoulder about it, yet he does these amazing songs that break some new ground in some small way
fred: this also kind of reminds me of bonnie prince billy
andy: oh - I haven't heard him
andy: he's kinda of odd-country isn't he?
fred: yeah
andy: kinda of
fred: i've only heard a bit from him
andy: he's big in britain I believe
andy: this is early Jam, yeah?
shannon: fairly early I think
fred: i also liked the elliot smith track. the guitar part is so minimal. i used to not like that so much, but pj made me a lover of it
shannon: anything you guys hated on this?
shannon: elliott inspired this whole thang
fred: yeah?
fred: he's not that violent is he?
fred: actually the track that annoyed me is the death cab one. i used to like him, but now i'm so sick of him.
fred: although i heard a slice of the new album and am intrigued again
heather: i liked death cab..
fred: liked?
shannon: elliott wasn't violent but he had a lot of it in his music
andy: Iove kicked a bioy
shannon: really? yay!
heather: liked as in, never head them before, figured with a name like death cab for cutie, i'd hate them and didn't hate them, i liked them.
andy: oh damn - my sloppy flingers
adam: did postal service have anything to do with that sickness?
fred: partly
heather: love kicked a boy too. i put it on mixes for men who piss me off :-P
shannon: a warning! ha
fred: i like the postal service album okay, but there are other death cab albums liked better
fred: you?
shannon: I feel the same Fred
andy: she's fierce!
andy: yeah - I don;t get the death cab thing
adam: I actually heard PS first, but it got me into Death Cab
fred: and you like both now?
andy: it's ok, but unmemorable I think
andy: I prefer PS
shannon: I've been a death cab fan for some time, but I am seeing too much of them these days
adam: Transatlanticism sticks in my memory as a good onei need to listen more though
fred: we should move on to heather's. any last comments?
fred: oh i love the sugarcubes, so that was good to see
andy: I thought this was pretty focused - clear feel, although I couldn't put it into words easily
fred: ok
fred: heather's mix?
andy: yurp
shannon: who mixed the Dinah Washington song?
heather: it's off the verve remixed
heather: v1
andy: is that a verve remix thingy?
andy: ah
fred: i've found that verve thing to be disappointing. although i've only heard album 3
heather: yup
fred: this mix is one of the better ones i've heard though
heather: 1 is very good, 2 is less good.
fred: the idea isn't bad though
shannon: ok I don't know what that is
andy: I only know #3 too - and it got old quickly
heather: and it sounds like 3 is even less good
fred: although 3 has a postal service mix haha
andy: it's remixes of jazz standards from the Verve label catlog
heather: the dinah washington song is a great run/spin song/
shannon: oh ok thanks
andy: by various folks of various folks
fred: yeah i might check out vol1 based on this
fred: each mixed cd also has an accompanying "unmixed" CD w/ the originals
fred: pretty good idea
andy: yeah - I'm interested, but it's a rare remix that transcends the original I think
heather: mine don't.
andy: ha!
fred: i meant you can buy it separately
heather: ahhh...
fred: and it's much less, like $7 or so
andy: so Heather - what's the deal with this odd mix?
heather: well andy glad you asked...
fred: so heather, where'd you get this indian track?
andy: it keeps pulling the rug out from underneath one's feet
heather: here is the deal, when i got started with this cd thing i picked june because as a side project i'm a wedding photographer so i knew i would be super busy around now...
heather: and i am...
heather: and i am getting into folk/roots... but wanted a cd that didn't have any sad sap accoustic things...
heather: the indian track, punjab mc?
fred: yeah
heather: was from buddah bar
fred: oh you mentioned that last mix, right?
heather: or as my southie neighbor calls it budah bah
heather: i was trying to get 80's stuff and keep the tempo up!
fred: i was thrown b/c the beginning of the mix had a world music feel to me
andy: right- me too
heather: if i had more time i would have pulled the beastie boys off it and i think that would have helped.,..
andy: so I headed off down that path
andy: except they had the tibetan monks - so that threw me too
fred: i really liked the beastie boys track. it was one of my favs. it's totally not what i think of w/ them though.
andy: yeah - I like that
fred: was that something random they did?
fred: are they still around?
heather: i love that album.
fred: which?
shannon: yeah what was that off of?
fred: that def. piqued my interest in them
heather: no ill communication was very - we smoked a lot of dope, tripped out and now we're all about the bodhihisattva....
andy: the thievery corporation track sounds world-musicy too - with the african sounding horns and the sitar
heather: you should check it out.
fred: yeah
fred: is this beastie boys thing throat singing??
andy: kind of - but that's Tibetan monks chanting
andy: not Tuvan shepherds throat singing
heather: it reminds me of koyaanisqatsi
andy: but it's similar
andy: yeah - they're on that too aren't they? I think Phillip Glass and the Beasties are both big in the free tibet movement
heather: yup, probably.
heather: on what?
fred: did you mean the soundtrack?
fred: what does wyclef jean usu do?
heather: they aren't on the soundtrack.
fred: i looked up who the girl on that track is. it's eve. she totally sounded like the peaches chick to me though
fred: (who i've been meaning to check out more)
andy: uh - wyclef jean?
heather: sorry, does usu mean usually?
fred: yeah
shannon: Oh I could tell it was Eve right away... I love her voice, though I'm not too familiar w/ her music
heather: wyclef jean does a lot of sampling, i dig him.
fred: is he usu reggae?
heather: i would put him closer to hip hop... he was in refugee allstars.
andy: did I miss something?
andy: where did he come in? help
fred: he's on tr 11
fred: it's not on the tracklisting
heather: yes, i totally screwed up the play list.
andy: oh yes - I remember
fred: so on a tangent: are any of you into reggaeton? i keep hearing about it
andy: that's what I'm listening to right now - and wondering why it didn't sound like BAD
heather: track 11 is your love, l.o.v.e. reggae mix by wyclef jean & eve from the soundtrack for 50 first dates.
heather: and track 12 is rapper's delight.
andy: got it
heather: and the last song is just not listed but it's heros-bowie-bowie remixed.
heather: or rather Club Bowie.
fred: no it's listed
heather: i know, i really like bowie.
heather: oh, cool, on mine it wasn't...
fred: what cd is that from?
shannon: club bowie?
heather: club bowie.
fred: that sugar hill track also piqued my interest
fred: club bowie? hm. never heard of it
fred: i'll look that up too
fred: haha
heather: nope, i found it in newbury comics, it's not very good.
heather: long mixes...
fred: sorry to go back to the beastie boys, but does anyone know if they play any instruments? my impression is that the vast majority of rappers don't play their own music. do they? does eminem for ex?
shannon: they play tons of them
fred: yeah? i was totally psyched to see lauryn hill playing guitar
andy: and sob for jesus
fred: it seems like a pretty unusual thing to see, but i've never been to a rap concert or seen any concert videos so i don't know if m/any others play or not
fred: although on that missy elliot reality tv show the kids wrote their own music
fred: heh
andy: deed & thought is wonderful
adam: random fact: Mike D is screech's (from saved by the bell) brother
fred: who's mike d?
andy: he is!!
andy: my my
adam: one of the bboys
andy: they're all such nice suburban boys really
fred: ha
heather: indeed they are...
heather: good videos too.
heather: but i think ill communications was a high point for them...
andy: they actually prob epitomize the suburban white teenage boy rap fan
andy: defining and transcending their genre in one swell foop
adam: except they're good
shannon: I liked check your head the best
andy: yeah - funny, sharp, inventive
fred: hm. i'll have to look into this unexplored territory
fred: maybe one of you guys can help me out ;-)
adam: I have just about all of it if you want
fred: i'll prob. start w/ ill comm. i guess
andy: adam - do you like the new cd?
fred: how new is it?
adam: 5 bouroghs?
heather: yeah, do you like the new cd?
andy: what is it - the borough, or something?
shannon: it got panned but I really like it
heather: is it like any of the others? and if so which one?
andy: I thought it sounded good from the bad reviews I rwad
fred: are they still big in the music scene? i haven't heard anything about them in years but maybe i'm out of the loop
adam: To The 5 Boroughs
andy: ah - right
adam: it's not bad, but they are starting to show their age
fred: haha. middle-aged rappers just aren't cool. although apparently the rolling stones are still kickin' it
andy: jeez - when rappers are mick jagger's age - what are they going to write about?
shannon: heather -- was that depeche mode a really early one? Not to change the subject
fred: yeah it is
fred: on their first album
fred: i think
andy: sounds like it
fred: which i actually prefer to their 90's stuff
fred: from what i've heard
fred: they're one of those people i need to catch up on
fred: well we should prob wrap this up
fred: any last comments?
heather: yes, it is early.
heather: it's on people are people.
andy: lots of things spiked my interest here too
andy: need to listen to earthling for sure
fred: yeah i have it
andy: coolio
fred: does everyone know that the guy in the jam is the same guy in english beat?
andy: no he isn't
fred: oh crap!
fred: what am i thinking?
andy: style council
andy: or general public
fred: oh crap. i'm dumb
andy: gp + beat
andy: or st + jam
fred: st = ?
shannon: too bad, that would've been a nice tie in for the cds this go-round
andy: sc I mean
fred: oh crap! what's the name of the guys? paul is in EB right?
heather: english beat-> general public-> fine young cannibals-> and then rankin roger went on his own, dave wakeling went out on his own. and i think there is an international beat too.
fred: btw i liked the english beat song
shannon: wow!
andy: me too
shannon: me too
fred: that was a highlight for me
heather: i loved all the english beat off shoots.
fred: yeah that's another place i should catch up on
andy: that was a fine band
fred: andy's an expert though, being british and all
heather: they have a song ackee 1-2-3 that i love and i honestly don't know if ackee is even a real word.
heather: no comment on come on eileen i think that is the perfect 80's song.
heather: that and safety dance...
andy: perfect
andy: oh - you should have put that on too!.
shannon: it was nice to hear it again!
fred: i can't listen to eileen anymore b/c i think of that scene in clerks ...
fred: and it just makes me feel naughty
adam: which scene was that?
fred: the one where he's ordering movies on the phone and the kid wants to get "happy scrappy"
adam: haha
fred: anyway, i gotta get going. i'm gonna try to finish a mix (andy and i switched turns)
fred: are you working on a mix adam?
adam: sure
fred: mine's not going to be that exciting, but it'll be nice and quick
andy: Fred needs mixes
fred: yeah!
adam: any genre requests?
shannon: bossanova
fred: haha
fred: country or rap i think for me
adam: also are we doing CDs again or mp3s this time?
fred: any preference?
heather: ahh, i love bossanova!
shannon: i like cds
shannon: i'm all old school like that
heather: i love the cds cause i listen to them in the car...
heather: but i can burn my own.. i guess.
adam: well, either way is fine
fred: ok. i guess we'll stick w/ CDs then
fred: make sure you get the updated addreses though
fred: ok catch you all later
shannon: alright guys, bye
andy: bye all - thanks Heather and Shannon - cool mixes
heather: later thanks for playing... sorry about the messy walk through the interiors of my ipod...
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heather: the bowie will go out soon to fred... if anyone else wants one speak up!
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