Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 11:12 AM
From fred

so this mix came about from the combination of a couple of diff.
factors. first off, w/ no july mixes in sight i figured i'd step up to
the plate and whip one together, which meant i had one night to do it
in. (all in all it took me less than 3 hours from concept to finish,
which is highly unusual for me.) second, since the last two mixes were
so eclectic, i decided to really limit this one, in terms of both mood
and genre. also, since my time was so short, i had to really rely on my
memory of tracks and had to go w/ some tracks that i like but i'm not
totally in love w/ b/c i didn't have time to dig out harder-to-find
favorites in my
collection. (apologies if some of the tracks have blips; didn't have
time to listen all the way through before i burned it.)

so, w/ that said, what i ended up doing was an indie-ish electronic
music mix. i'd made an electronic mix about a year ago, but that ended
up being almost entirely instrumental, so for this i went w/ songs.
also, most of the electronic music i usu. put on mixes tends to be more
mainstream pop (e.g. EBTG, erasure, new order, underworld), so for this
i steered clear of most of the really recognizable names.

it turned out that b/c of the limited genre, the mix had a definite
overall feeling, namely mellow and/or melancholy, which i suppose is
appropriate given the cold and rainy summer we've been having. also, a
lot of the tracks i like turned out to have similar instrumentation
(sparse textures, skittery beats, acoustic guitar parts, vocal effects),
which i found interesting. if i'd had more time i might have tried to
vary the tracks more, but i found that more upbeat tracks didn't really
fit; but i hope the tracks don't all sound too similar. last comment: i
was psyched that i could incorporate so many of the random (and good)
people i've found online. certainly, sir and lonas are from boston,
although i think the latter isn't around anymore. a lot of these tracks
were ones i like, but haven't really followed up on, but now i'm glad
i've reminded myself to do so.

enjoy ...

(corrected tracklisting below)
my steel will turn to flesh ... i'll shine ...

1 future bible heroes . memories of love . lonely days
2 state shirt . don't die . straw man
3 the egg . forwards (import) . wall
4 lonas . . io lounge
5 lamb . self-titled . gorecki
6 mju:o, jun murakami . . in the box (locked rock mix)
7 psapp . tiger my friend . leaving in coffins
8 scissor sisters . party monster (soundtrack) . it can't come quickly
enough (edit)
9 lonbobby . . bioluminescence
10 dizzee rascal . boy in da corner . jezebel
11 hybrid, andreas johnson . glorious (EP) . glorious (remix)
12 iglu . . heridas (remix)
13 state shirt . don't die . it is a shame my binoculars don't work at
14 the magnetic fields . holiday . take ecstacy with me
15 certainly, sir . mugic . sweet time
16 tristeza . mixed signals . casio
17 mju:o, bjork . . desired constellation (remix)
18 bonus track