Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2014 11:32 PM

this is a mix of fairly trashy pop music, inc. some sickly sweet easy
listening asian pop. hopefully somewhat excusable as a summer mix and
not too painful on the ears, although some of the tracks are downright
shameful. ;)

i have to highlight the multi-language version of "let it go" from
_frozen_ b/c i found this track to be oddly addictive. there's something
quite compelling about 29 some-odd languages and almost as many singers
being crammed into one song. feel free to look it up on youtube if
you're curious. ;)



warm it up: somewhat trashy pop mix

1 c & c music factory . everybody dance now
2 hatsune miku . half step
3 kelis . milkshake (radio mix)
4 katy perry (feat. snoop dogg) . california gurls
5 basement jaxx feat. lightspeed champion . my turn
6 aqualung . pressure suit
7 richard marx . nothing to hide
8 kim dong-ryul (feat. wanted) . yangbo [compromise]
9 lo fidelity allstars . feel what i feel
10 ricky martin . la bomba (radio mix)
11 boa . listen to my heart
12 various . let it go (multi-language version) (from frozen)
13 efron/seeley/hudgens . what i've been looking for (reprise) (from
high school musical)
14 hyun bin . that man (from secret garden)
15 andrew lloyd webber/don black, bernadette peters . take that look off
your face (from song and dance (OBC))
16 clay aiken . invisible
17 ellie goulding . lights

Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2014 11:16 AM
this was a mix that took shape after i realized i had quite a few songs
with the word "dream" in the title. i ended up using a couple of tracks
i preferred that had the word in the lyrics, and i enlisted the help of
my partner in crime to provide a second half. enjoy!


dreams mix 2/8/14

1 david/hoffman/livingston (from cinderella) . un rêve est un souhait qui vient de ton cœur
2 iggy azalea (feat. t.i.) . change your life
3 belle and sebastian . dirty dream number two
4 elvis . if i can dream
5 heart . these dreams
6 rodgers/hammerstein, shirley jones . out of my dreams
7 fleetwood mac, gigamesh . dreams (gigamesh edit)
8 new order . dreams never end
9 styne/sondheim, bernadette peters (from gypsy) . rose's turn (live at the tony awards)

10 radiohead . (nice dream)
11 the zombies . hung up on a dream
12 frank sinatra . deep in a dream
13 roxy music . in every dream home a heartache
14 big audio dynamite . in my dreams
15 roy orbison . dream baby
16 patsy cline . sweet dreams
17 white noise . your hidden dreams
18 kath bloom and loren connors . you make my dreams come true
19 todd rundgren . a dream goes on forever

Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2014 11:50 PM

i'm finally catching up with sending out mixes. i'm sending a "currently
listening" mix for oct, nov, and dec. some of it is stuff from mixes
people have sent me; a few tracks i came across on internet radio; and
the rest is just stuff i like. i purposely threw in some random stuff i
like that i hope elicits a "wtf?" reaction as well. ;)

also, heather, in case you're wondering, itunes screwed up my first copy
and it was missing the oddisee track. i sent you that copy since i knew
you already had it (although everyone prob. has it since it was on last
year's group mix.)


fred currently listening mix

1 bach, hahn, LA CO/jeffrey . violin concerto #2 in E: 1. allegro
2 andy bell . call on me
3 matt corby . brother (live on balconyTV melbourne)
4 daft punk . harder, better, faster, stronger
5 holy ghost! . hold my breath
6 hurts . stay
7 laura mvula . she
8 oddisee (feat. marvin gaye) . ain't that peculiar
9 magnus "souleye" pålsson . presenting vvvvvv (from vvvvvv)
10 riva (feat. dannii minogue) . who do you love now?
11 kk slider, kazumi totaka . my place
(from animal crossing, "live" version + "album" version)
12 smooth mcgroove, orig. takashi tateishi .
dr. wily stage (a capella) (from mega man 2)
13 systems officer . shape shifter
14 'til tuesday . voices carry
15 two door cinema club . come back home
16-18 andy vores . singsing; hongkonghongkong; twofishtwofish
19 zervas & pepper . startin' over
20 zoot woman . saturation
21 zpqa . oh, stranger!

Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2013 10:32 PM

sending out another joint mix with my boyfriend to catch up on a few
months. it was supposed to be a party mix, but clearly my bf and i have
different ideas of what that means. so it's fairly random, but hopefully
has enough good stuff to make it worthwhile.

fred 'n andy "party" mix

1 a . frank zappa . peaches en regalia
2 f . tahiti 80 . 1,000 times
3 a . big audio dynamite . the globe
4 f . the b-52's . rock lobster
5 a . xtc . meccanik dancing (oh we go!)
6 f . david bowie . let's dance
7 a . k c & the sunshine band . that's the way i like it
8 f . simple minds . don't you (forget about me)
9 a . daft punk (feat. pharrell williams) . lose yourself to dance
10 f . apollo 440 . don't fear the reaper
11 a . shirley ellis . the clapping song
12 f . las ketchup . the ketchup song (asereje)
13 a . kyary pamyu pamyu . pon pon pon
14 f . pizzicato five . tout, tout pour ma cherie
15 a . frank ocean . sweet life
16 f . bi [rain] . nan [i]

Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2013 6:02 PM

finally finished this mix. i'm not really current enough to know who's
"known" and "unknown", but i included some friends and some local
people, and the rest are various shades of indie plus a canadian thrown
in. ;) hopefully some people you've never heard that you'll like as much
as i do, and hopefully not too much lo-fi stuff for you all.

fred lesser knowns mix

1 remy balon . podcast #2
2 get cape. wear cape. fly . the chronicles of a
bohemian teenager
3 gigolo aunts . fade away
4 here we go magic . tunnelvision
5 hot mediocrates . for sure
6 kaki king . playing with pink noise
7 a light beacon . losing passion
8 lights . quiet (live)
9 peter moore . cherry tree (live)
10 scarce . slow learner (v1)
11 ben sollee . hurting
12 state shirt . on a line
13 underwoman and the believers .
hunters and gatherers (live)
14 venus hum . soul sloshing
15 the weepies . the world spins madly on
16 zpqa . hanging rock (demo)

Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 13:15:11 -0400

finally catching up on life. for the first half of my effort to catch up on mixes my partner and i took turns adding tracks to create a "silly" mix, and although a lot of it is fairly amusing it didn't necessarily combine to create a very a cohesive experience. but i did get to include some personal, well, i'm not sure i'd call them favorites, one of which is riskay's "smell yo d**k", a definite highlight. am i the only one who hadn't already heard this song? if you haven't, you are definitely missing out, assuming you don't mind a little raunchy humor (
fred 'n andy silly mix

1 a . egg . seven is a jolly good time
2 f . they might be giants . fingertips suite
3 a . frank zappa and the mothers of invention . the
duke of prunes/amnesia vivace/the duke regains his
4 f . sandie shaw . puppet on a string
5 a . harry nilsson . joy
6 f . richard harris. macarthur park
7 a . george jones . he stopped loving her today
8 f . weezer . miss sweeney
9 a . sparks . falling in love with myself again
10 f . patrick macnee and honor blackman . kinky boots
11 a . drimble wedge & the vegetations . bedazzled
12 f . liz phair . flower
13 a . the streamliners . frankfurter sandwiches
14 a . admiral bailey . punanny
15 f . riskay . smell yo d**k
16 f . annette funicello . pajama party
17 a . mel tormé . sunshine superman
18 f . frank chicken . we are ninja
19 a . the kinks . phenomenal cat
20 f . cotton candy (orig. ?) . bumblebee tuna
21 a . supergrass . we're not supposed to
22 f . pee-wee herman . luckiest boy in the world

Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 10:24 AM

caught up by mailing my (and andy's) covers mix to my jan/feb/march
victims. i actually spent a ton of time listening to covers, including
working my way through a lot of this helpful list:
i did learn a lot of trivia about what songs i had thought were
original but are actually covers (the most egregious of these being
"respect" by otis redding), although my research didn't end up helping
my mix out much. i guess my criteria for a good cover are a bit high,
particularly since for this type of mix i prefer to include the original
as well. i did uncover the twilight singers' cover of "hyperballad"
which i hadn't known about, and also fleet foxes sing
( this group that does somewhat
middling covers in the style of the fleet foxes. i was torn between
what i picked (adele's "rolling in the deep") and their rendition of the
rick astley classic "never gonna give you up"
but the former was more polished. the blue hearts track was a
last-minute addition when i discovered that i had already used "bette
davis eyes" (jackie deshannon, kim carnes) on my previous covers mix;
this cover is from the memorable japanese flick _linda linda linda_.
another track that was a close runner up was one of amanda palmer's (of
dresden dolls fame) radiohead ukulele covers. they're generally
entertaining and well done, but none were quite memorable enough for me
to include.

my original concept was to have covers of men by women and vice versa,
but that was before i realized how hard it was to find covers i liked.
in the end, though, i was able to pull it off for my side at least
(despite being almost all male covers of females). andy's tracks are
easy to spot b/c they're all men covering men. i also had tried a
concept of focusing solely on unknown youtube performers, but i only
found a couple of good covers that way among tons of crap (the aimee
mann cover falls in that category, but i had known about it beforehand).
last comment: i got around my general policy of not putting tracks i've
already used on other mixes by substituting in live versions of two
songs i've already given love to, joanna newsom's "peach plum pear"
(orig. on harpischord but a fantastic version on harp here) and bjork's
"hyperballad". the album versions are def. good 'uns, though.

sorry for the verbiage! enjoy the mix!

fred 'n andy covers mix

1-2 peach plum pear: joanna newsom (live BBC session), final fantasy
3-4 not fade away: buddy holly, the rolling stones
5-6 owaranai uta (aka an endless song): the blue hearts, paran-maum
7 jacques brel . la chanson de jacky
8 scott walker . jackie
9-10 with a little help from my friends: the beatles, joe cocker
11-12 rolling in the deep: adele, fleet foxes sing
13-14 galveston: jimmy webb, glen campbell
15-16 freeway: aimee mann, reade mccardell
17-18 all along the watchtower: bob dylan, jimi hendrix
19-20 hyperballad: bjork (live at shepherds bush), the twilight singers

Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 4:28 PM

yes, believe it or not i actually made a new mix for once.
this was actually a mix using the track james had posted awhile back,
and i recruited the bf to do a quick chain mix with me. chain mixes
are always a good way for me to clear off some oldies but goodies
from my computer, so it's no coincidence i made use of a couple of
tracks i've received from DV mixes. we purposely didn't focus on
trying to make this really cohesive beyond the track-to-track
connections, so it's kind of a hodge-podge. a little poppy, but
hopefully not too bland.

happy listening.

fred 'n andy chain mix

1 the masters of reality . theme for the scientist of the invisible
2 the maccabees . no kind words
3 sugar . a good idea
4 12 rods . glad that it's over
5 the charlatans . jesus hairdo
6 jayakar . the muse
7 dennis wilson . moonshine
8 bernadette peters . some other time
9 brook benton . rainy night in georgia
10 stephen kellogg . dance we do
11 the kinks . young and innocent days
12 adem . these are your friends
13 david bowie . memory of a free festival
14 santogold . i'm a lady
15 goldfrapp . alive
16 duncan shiek . on a high (gabriel and dresden remix)
17 kanye west (feat. bon iver) . lost in the world

Date: Tue, 2 Feb 2010 2:43 PM

no particular theme, just things i had lying around on my laptop that
i wanted to sort through and find a happy home for. if you're
observant you may also notice that tracks i liked from mixes i've
received make cameo appearances. ;)

i won't leave so soon
january 31, 2010
mostly electronic mix

1 anathema . are you there
2 blisaed . megan's guitar
3 the brock . centrigrade 232
4 cornelius . wataridori 2
5 depeche mode . lovetheme
6 depeche mode . shine
7 the depreciation guild . butterfly kisses
8 erasure . fly away
9 eat static . area 51
10 marumari . birch beer forest
11 marumari . inside washing machine #2
12 new order . shell-shock
13 arthur russell . you will be loved again
14 michael brook . ultramarine

Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 10:20 AM
Subject: october TL (a new mix, finally)

the theme was people i've seen live in the last year, an unusually
active year of concertgoing for me. i padded it with people that i
would've liked to have seen live but didn't quite make it to for various
reasons (including a couple of people that just don't tour). as a
result of the theme the mix is focused on very recent tracks, mostly
electronic and folky stuff, and it also features some obscure local
folk. i also cheated a bit and included two tracks from the UK version
of the office that cotton candy, a local group, perform live; if you
haven't heard "free love freeway" yet i recommend looking it up; it's
pretty damn catchy.

see the music in your face
october 6, 2009 mix

1 . 2
2 bon iver . lump sum
3 bats for lashes . glass
4 pinback . from nothing to nowhere
5 the notwist . pilot
6 the national . all dolled-up in straps
7 m83 . we own the sky
8 aimee mann . 31
9 remy balon . song of the month #1
10 scarce . dust
11 cotton candy (orig. ?) . jerry's ford (live)
12 cotton candy . invisible kisses (live)
13 david byrne and brian eno . strange overtones
14 the pains of being pure at heart . come saturday
15 cut copy . out there on the ice
16 liz phair . 6'1 (live)
17 pants yell! . not-so city life (live)
18 neil halstead . elevenses (live)
19 mary lou lord . farming it out
20 david brent . spaceman
21 david brent et al . free love freeway
22 the smittens . stop the bombs

Subject: april 2009 mix
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 2009 20:36:37 -0400

sorry for getting way behind on sending out mixes, but i finally
finished a new mix. it's a duets mix, and it's been long in the making.
as i finalized it i realized more and more that duets in general are
super heavy on the trashy/cheese factor, but instead of avoiding it i
chose to embrace it, with sometimes dire results. muhahaha. but
amongst the trashiness there are def. some much less shameful tracks,
inc. the last track which features feist who i don't really care for in
general but sounds great here.


with you i can't do wrong: duets mix (4/6/09)

1 cotton candy . fantastic and spectacular
2 joni mitchell (feat. michael mcdonald) . good friends
3 michael jackson (feat. stevie wonder) . just good friends
4 john travolta/olivia newton-john . you're the one that i want
5 indigo girls . land of canaan
6 b.b. king/eric clapton . hold on! i'm coming
7 mooselini/parappa the rapper (sandra/dred foxx) . instructor
mooselini's rap
8 belle and sebastian (feat. monica queen) . lazy line painter jane
9 french and saunders as the raspberries feat. dawniard o'connorad .
happy again
10 huey lewis/gwyneth paltrow . cruisin'
11 sonny and cher . i got you babe
12 amy grant (feat. vince gill) . house of love
13 barbra streisand/ray charles . crying time
14 andrew wyatt/hugh grant . pop! goes my heart
15 dizzee rascal (feat. shystie) . i luv u
16 bill medley/jennifer warnes . (i've had) the time of my life
17 ewan mcgregor/nicole kidman . come what may (josh g. abrahams remix)
18 steve martin/bernadette peters . tonight you belong to me
19 simon and garfunkel . bookends theme
20 kings of convenience (feat. feist) . the build up

october 2008 mix
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2008 11:31 PM

this is a mostly synth-y mix. i didn't completely follow the theme, but
i think i was close overall. there are some british folk (e.g. the
streets) that are far less known over on this side of the pond, so
that's how i justified a few of these choices. then there are a few
that are really obscure, i.e. friends of mine. the -earth girls are
easy- track was a completely random track i had to throw in just for the
heck of it to relieve the doom 'n gloom. i realized i need to make more
of an effort to listen to local bands, so if anyone in the area has any
suggestions (heather i'm counting on you) let me know!

when silence comes back to me

1 underwoman . . don't despair
2 the album leaf . an orchestrated rise to fall .
we once were (two)
3 depeche mode . exciter . when the body speaks
4 certainly, sir (feat. ben gibbard) . .
midnight again (KPLV remix)
5 xiu xiu . the air force . save me save me
6 the streets . original pirate material . has it come to this?
7 the streets . original pirate material . sharp darts
8 snowden . anti-anti . black eyes
9 the presets . beams . down down down
10 the presets . apocalypso . talk like that
11 kylie minogue . unreleased . fall for you
12 steinberg/kelly, geena davis . earth girls are easy
(soundtrack) . the ground you walk on
13 MGMT . time to pretend (EP) . destrokk
15 MGMT . oracular spectacular . electric feel
16 VHS or beta . night on fire . forever
17 villa-lobos, kraft . 12 etudes . #10 tres anime
18 danielle smith . fiver . sweet in memory
19 family . bandstand . my friend the sun
20 kate bush . the sensual world . deeper understanding
21 erasure . light at the end of the world .
storm in a teacup
22 wolfsheim . spectators . once in a lifetime

september 2008 mix
Date Sun, 14 Sep 2008 9:18 PM

another fred 'n andy special, although shannon beat us to the punch on
this one. i've been working on this foreign language mix for a while
and am using it to fulfill gordon's "travel" theme mix (albeit a bit
late), but i finally was able to sit down and pull it together this
month. andy's side seems more uniquely foreign than my half, which is
more vapid and poppy, but that's what i've been in the mood for lately.
and i think the two halves do provide interesting contrasts, and there
are some pretty great tracks in there although i purposely tried to keep
away from using any of my regulars (e.g. pizzicato five).

shout outs from my half of the mix go to gordon for the serbian track
and winnie from whom i stole a french track from -her- foreign language
mix (i like to think of it as some sort of musical passing of the torch
... or something). her mix is now more than a few years old, but i
still think it's a great mix, and it also introduced me to what became
another french favorite, mathieu boogaerts, who i use too much on mixes
already to include here. i also owe winnie for the amadou and mariam
track. in terms of labelling there are some funny stories behind some
of the tracks, namely the swedish esperanto band and the two tracks in
japanese which funnily enough were both sung by korean women. the
second of them, linda linda, is from this really good japanese movie
called -linda linda linda-, and as you can prob. guess the song is at
the center of the movie. last note: along w/ all the other great things
youtube has given us, it's given us some fantastic, utterly random
foreign-language tracks that have become international memes. thus the
inclusion of the numa numa song (by o-zone) and the caramelldansen
track. and both those tracks point out just how hard it is to sing
along to some of these tracks -- despite our best efforts! ;)

fred 'n andy mix #3: foreign

1 susana baca . maria lando (peru)
2 charles aznavour . j'en deduis que je t'aime (france)
3 muluqèn mèllèssè . wètètié maré (ethiopia)
4 gilberto gil . quilombo, o el dorado negro (brazil)
5 o-zone . dragostea din tei (moldova)
6 drupi . vado via (italy)
7 cornershop (orig. the beatles) . norwegian wood (this bird has flown)
(great britain/india)
8 clannad . theme from harry's game (ireland)

9 bilja krstic & bistrik orchestra . jana and the turk (serbia)
10 paris combo . living room (france)
11 boa . do the motion (korea/japan)
12 les nubians . makeda (france)
13 gifrants . palonma, pale mwa damou (haiti)
14 paran maum (orig. the blue hearts) . linda linda (korea/japan)
15 persone . liza pentras bildojn (sweden/esperanto)
16 amadou and mariam . senegal fast food (mali)
17 caramell . caramelldansen (speedycake mix) (sweden)

august 2008 mix
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2008 10:45 AM

this is another fred 'n andy special, although i have to apologize in
advance for it. basically andy has wanted to do this "animals" themed
mix for a while, but it ended up being an incredibly silly theme. for
one, there are a lot of song titles about animals, but very few of them
are actually about the animal itself, so it was hard finding songs in
the first place. and the ones that are about animals are generally
novelty type songs that are just silly. and it seemed to be there were
a lot of songs about birds (and dogs), but not much else. but despite
all of this (and even though i'm sure that there are people in this
group who could come up w/ a much better mix), we ended up w/ a mix
that, although pretty random, hopefully will be amusing to listen to.
and i have to give a shout-out to winnie for the gorky track from many,
many moons ago.

fred 'n andy #2: animals mix

1 f . pinback . penelope
2 a . the beatles . blackbird
3 a . the byrds . chestnut mare
4 f . the sugarcubes . bee
5 f . marzipan, feat. strong bad and homestar .
sensitive to bees
6 a . maurice denham, the three in harmony, the three
ginx, brian lawrence & his lansdowne orchestra .
three little fishes
7 f . bonzo dog band . mr. slater's parrot
8 f . gorky's zygotic mynci . poodle rockin'
9 a . frank zappa & the mothers of invention . evelyn, a modified dog
10 a . syd barrett . effervescing elephant
11 a . mandy miller . nellie the elephant
12 a . the beach boys . at my window
13 f . frank loesser, danny kaye . inchworm
14 f . joanna newsom . sadie
15 a . talking heads . animals
16 a . the b-52's . big bird
17 a . donovan . the magpie

july 2008 mix
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2008 10:42 PM

the mix for allan is a mix that me 'n the bf made. surprisingly enough
this is actually the first mix we've made together, and we just
alternated tracks without any great plan. it didn't turn out too badly
though, despite the fact i was trying to use up some tracks i've had
lying around. thumbs up to sid for the first track (lady sov + ordinary
boys 9 to 5). we've been talking about trying to keep up, so more
should be coming shortly and this will hopefully get me back into making
new mixes more regularly. although i've been enjoying listening to my
old mixes lately, which is always a good reminder of stuff i like.


1 f . lady sovereign vs the ordinary boys . 9 to 5
2 a . althia and donna . uptown top ranking
3 f . blue six . music and wine (funkaphonic radio edit)
4 a . shuggie otis . strawberry letter 23
5 f . marumari . metr
6 a . boards of canada . aquarius
7 f . death cab for cutie . brothers on a hotel bed
8 a . the dream academy . in places on the run
9 f . efterklang . mirador
10 a . the dirty projectors . i will truck
11 f . cousteau . talking to myself
12 a . fleet foxes . quiet houses
13 f . filter . take a picture
14 a . blur . this is a low

may 2008 mix
Date Mon, 5 May 2008 1:08 PM

i'm catching up, so i'll be sending this out to 3 people (adrian, sid,
and james). this is a musicals mix, so i apologize in advance. this
started off being my guilty mix for march, but after picking out some
really shamelessly trashy tracks (high school musical???!?!) i just
couldn't take it any more and had to cut way back on the cheese. this
is actually the 3rd musicals mix i've made in recent years, and although
overall this one still reflects its trashy roots (hence the mix's title
"i couldn't care less" ... or at least i tried not to care) i think it
actually turned out pretty well. hopefully there's enough variety that
even if the 3 people this is going out to hate musicals they'll still
find something worthwhile amid all the detritus.


1 gershwin/gershwin, astaire/hepburn/thompson . funny face (ST) . bonjour, paris!
2 de paul/mercer, howard keel . seven brides for seven brothers (ST) . bless yore beautiful hide
3 hugh martin, judy garland . meet me in st. louis (ST) . the trolley song
4 gerrard and nevil, efron/seeley/hudgens . high school musical (ST) . start of something new
5 styne/comden and green, sydney chaplin . bells are ringing (OBC) . i met a girl
6 burns and moss, oz/henson/et al as the muppet babies . the muppets take manhattan (ST) . i'm gonna always love you
7 menken/schwartz, amy adams . enchanted (ST) . that's how you know
8 cy coleman . sweet charity (OBC, bonus) if my friends could see me now
9 shaiman/wittman, efron/blonsky/et al . hairspray (ST) . without love
10 sondheim, rubano/hanson . finishing the act (orig. merrily we roll along) . now you know
11 jason robert brown, ty taylor . songs for a new world (OC) . king of the world
12 simon/norman, eagan/mitchell . the secret garden (OBC) . show me the key
13 schönberg/boublil, colm wilkinson . les misérables (OBC) . who am i?
14 michael john lachiusa, daphne rubin-vega . bernarda alba (OC) . matirioa
15 russell/willis/bray, fantasia . tony awards 2007 (orig. the color purple) . i'm here
16 schmidt/jones, steve kazee . 110 in the shade (2007BR) . evenin' star
17 forrest/wright, kiley/morrow . kismet (OBC) . stranger in paradise
18 stephen sondheim, holly cole . color and light (orig. follies) . losing my mind
19 andrew lloyd webber, glenn close . sunset boulevard (US cast) . as if we never said goodbye
20 shaiman/wittman, capathia jenkins (w/ martin short) . martin short: fame becomes me (OBC) . stop the show
21 todd rundgren, cast . camp (ST) . the want of a nail

january 2008 b mix
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2008 3:51 PM

finally got myself together to make a new mix. i had made an "a" mix a while back, and i've had a "b" mix in the works for a while now. finally sat down and finished it for my belated jan mix for cris. nothing too unusual and hopefully not too incoherent. it's rounded out by more than a few tracks i'd gotten from various mixes inc. from this group. i can't recall off the top of my head what came from where, but i do know that i'm indebted to winnie for introducing me to boogaerts.

with a traveling heart: b mix

1 jeff buckley . opened once
2 big star . thirteen
3 the byrds . lady friend
4 jacques brel . le tango funèbre
5 mary j. blige . no more drama
6 kate bush . get out of my house
7 frank black and the catholics . king & queen of siam
8 the black keys . thickfreakness
9 belle & sebastian . another sunny day
10 beulah . sunday under glass
11 the buckinghams . kind of a drag
12 björk . crying
13 beastie boys . shambala
14 david bowie . space oddity
15 beirut . the long island sound
16 fantasia barrino . ain't gon' beg you
17 richard buckner . a chance counsel
18 beck . beautiful way
19 bacharach/david, warwick . always something there to remind me
20 mathieu boogaerts . la bombe
21 beach boys . god only knows

october 2007 video game mix
Date Sat, 3 Nov 2007 2:10 PM

this mix has been a long time coming, and it's more for my personal benefit than for the receivers' who just might well hate it. i'm continually cataloguing all the great video game music i hear in the games as i finish them, and so this collection is one i've been working on for all the games i played in 2006 (w/ the exception of x-men legends which i couldn't find any music from; no big loss there). i think there's a natural tendency to look down on soundtrack music in general and video game music in particular, but i'm a big fan of all kinds of video game music, including the relatively primitive blips and bleeps of the early games. i'm amazed at how much those composers especially were able to pack into their music, and hopefully that comes across in some of the tracks i've picked out.

a lot of these tracks are so short that i sort of organized them into mini-suites which in some cases sort of outline a story, oftentimes helped by the titles which are oftentimes quite hilarious. the whole link's awakening segment was particularly fun to put together, with such track titles as "let the journey begin!", "marin sings the ballad of the wind fish", "the moblins took bowwow!", "mysterious forest", and "monkeys build a bridge". i have to particularly mention the "marin sings" track which is just a solo line but is amazingly poignant, at least i find it to be. no doubt a fair amount of my enjoyment of this mix comes from recalling the particular moment in the game each track comes from, but i'm fairly sure that even if you haven't played any of these games there's still such a strong sense of character, action, and atmosphere that you'll still find something to enjoy. the mix is inadvertently a nintendo-only mix, due to the fact that i'm a nintendo fan boy, although the 2007 edition will have a bit more variety.

video game mix, vol. 1
oct. 28, 2007

1 jun ishikawa . kirby's dream land 2 (GB) . title; coo's theme; kirby wins
4 yuka tsujiyoko . paper mario: the thousand-year door (GCN) . peach gets the map
5 ozaki/totaka/hamano/k. ishikawa . the legend of zelda: link’s awakening (GB) . sword search; your sword!; let the journey begin!; marin sings the ballad of the wind fish; the moblins took bowwow!; mysterious forest; monkeys build a bridge; full moon cello
13 ando/ikegami/sakai/kitsuta . super smash bros. melee (GCN) . challenger!
14 koji kondo . SSBM (GCN) (orig. super mario bros. 2) . mushroom kingdom ii
15 shigeru miyamoto . SSBM (GCN) (orig. donkey kong) . hammer
16 kondo . SSBM (GCN) (orig. super mario bros. 2) . mushroom kingdom ii finale
17 kondo . SSBM (GCN) (orig. super mario bros.) . mario's victory
18 junichi masuda . pokemon red/blue/yellow (GB) . rival appears; geodude; bellsprout; cycling
22 kondo . super mario sunshine (GCN) . particle entry; level select; pinna park amusement; shine get!
26 hirokazu "hip" tanaka . balloon fight (NES) . balloon trip/stage intro/etc.
27 kazumi totaka . super mario land 2: 6 golden coins (GBA) . macro zone; level start; athletic; bell/level clear!; bonus chance
32 hajime wakai . pikmin (GCN) . discovery of onion; carry, fight, increase and be eaten; night comes; new record
36 totaka . animal crossing (GCN) . load your game; go k.k. rider!; rainy day; 9 pm
40 nagata/wakai/minegishi/kondo . the legend of zelda: the wind waker (GCN) . sacred shrine; forsaken fortress invasion 1
42 steve henifin . eternal darkness (GCN) . the chosen
43 composer? . ninja gaiden: shadow (GB) . twist of fate/shadow; stage 2; defeated; garuda; stage clear
48 totaka . luigi’s mansion (GCN) . title screen; dark rooms; sucking up weak ghosts; room lighting up!
52 hirokazu ando . super smash bros. (N64) . duel zone; all clear
54 hidenori shoji . f-zero gx (GCN) . long pre-view (course view 2); osc-sync carnival (lightning)
56 kenji yamamoto . metroid prime (GCN) . title; data selection screen; samus aran's appearance fanfare; phazon radiation; underwater frigate reactor core; samus's farewell

april 2007 evening mix
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2007 9:44 AM

this mix was a bit thrown together. in general i was going for an
evening feel, and although some of the genres don't fit very comfortable
together (esp. the first 5 tracks) i thought i might as well go for
something a bit more eclectic. a couple of tracks are from mixes i got
from DV, and i purposely included the asobi seksu, which was on the mix
i got from matt recently, as a sort of boomerang back to him. anyway, a
bit of an odd little mix, but hopefully still worth listening. ;)

you don't seem to understand: an evening mix
april 7, 2007

1 fantasia . free yourself . truth is
2 shelby lynne . i am shelby lynne . thought it would be easier
3 kim jong kook . evolution vol. 2 . yongseohaegieokhae
4 heather headley . this is who i am . why should i cry
5 fiona apple . when the pawn ... . paper bag
6 vhs or beta . night on fire . alive
7 jean francois coen . the work of director michel gondry (DVD) . la tour de pise
8 the aluminum group . wonder boy . searching for my romeo
9 kate bush . the red shoes . and so is love
10 +/- (plus/minus) . let's build a fire . leap year
11 pinback . summer in abaddon . soaked
12 asobi seksu . citrus . thursday
13 depeche mode . songs of faith and devotion . mercy in you
14 boa . twilight . duvet
15 tracey thorn . out of the woods . grand canyon
16 certainly, sir . for claire (EP) . rave review

january 2007 covers mix
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2007 11:54 AM

someone on artofthemix said that it's not hard to find covers, but it's much harder to find covers where you really like both versions. i def. agree w/ that, although my hit ratio has been pretty high lately (for many of them i heard the cover version first and tracked down the orig), and i've had a growing stack of them.

for this mix i purposely picked unusual, cross-genre tracks. favorites are the metal cover of a track from metroid prime, an electronica video game soundtrack; the excellent acoustic outkast cover i came across on youtube; joanna newsom's take on jimi hendrix; a nice classical version of the corpus christi carol (although i think the original is actually scored for unison choir and organ) that makes you appreciate jeff buckley's version (and voice) all the more; and the weill-esque "nickel under your foot" reworked by PJ. the highlight for me though is the japanese version of "take me home country roads" from the really superlative miyazaki-written film whisper of the heart. the movie itself, though not a fantasy like the moajority of his other movies, is as perfectly crafted, detailed, and moving as an ozu film, and the particular scene this song occurs in is just beautiful. the arrangement is simply lovely as well: solo violin and voice for most of it, with recorder and cello coming in in the middle. a perfect example of truly sublime pop music.

i was psyched that i got to make another cassette mix (although i have a CD version that omits tracks 16 and 17 if anyone's interested), and i really like how this turned out (which is good considering how much time i spent tweaking the levels). not a bad way to start the new year :)

look what they've done to my song mix

phendrana drifts
1 kenji yamamoto/kouichi kyuma . metroid prime (soundtrack)
2 stemage .

tear me down
3 trask, mitchell . hedwig and the angry inch (soundtrack)
4 spoon . wig in a box: songs from and inspired by hedwig and the angry

bette davis eyes
5 jackie deshannon . best of ... 1958-1980
6 kim carnes . the best of kim carnes
7 gwyneth paltrow . duets (soundtrack)

hey ya!
8 outkast . speakerboxxx
9 obadiah parker .

little wing
10 jimi hendrix experience . axis bold as love
11 joanna newsom . london, UK (6/26/05)

look what they've done to my song, ma
12 melanie . the very best of melanie
13 ray charles . barbra streisand: and other musical instruments

take me home, country roads
14 john denver . john denver's greatest hits
15 youko honna . whisper of the heart (DVD)

donizetti . o luce di quest' anima
16 luba orgonasova . favourite soprano arias
17 sumi jo . bel canto

britten (orig. anonymous) . corpus christi carol
18 karina gauvin . images de noel
19 jeff buckley . grace

blitzstein . the nickel under your foot
20 patti lupone . the cradle will rock (1985 CR)
21 pj harvey (w/ rob ellis) . cradle will rock (soundtrack)

new world
22 björk . selmasongs
23 on a sun . watershed

september 2006 mix
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 8:29 PM

this mix took a bit of finagling but in the end i like how it turned out. way back when i was orig. thinking of doing this as a french/japanese mix since i have a fair amount of french tracks, but the korean tracks provide a better foil. this mix isn't a broad cross-section, just what i've come across over the years, which means that the majority of the japanese tracks are the people who have become well-known in the US. so there aren't too many surprises on the japanese front. in contrast the korean tracks are all unknowns in the US and a bit more representative of the general korean pop scene since i get CDs from my cousins. i don't think any korean music has gotten any attention here, which as you'll hear isn't too surprising b/c most of it is derivative and not very original. but it can still be enjoyable and oftentimes hilarious (check out "noona's dream" a korean version of o-zone's hit). the japanese music on the other hand is much more distinctive, although what i've come across and liked has been either campy/kitschy or distantly cool. one closing comment: i've been a big fan of pizzicato five for a while now, but putting together this mix has reminded me just how much i enjoy their music and how i've neglected them lately. will def. be getting back to listening to more of them.

napolean born-ta-par-tay
korean and japanese mix

1 rollercoaster . triangle . after the tone
2 rain [bi] (feat. epik high, lim jeong hee) . it's raining . my groove
3 rain [bi] . it's raining . i
4 clon . one more time . ... hajima! [stop it!]
5 clon . one more time . gibun joteun nal
6 hyun young (orig. o-zone) . noona's dream
7 kim hyung joong . self-titled (vol. 2) . dareun uri
8 kim hyung joong . self-titled (vol. 2) . lucky
9 cibo matto . viva! la woman . apple
10 cibo matto . viva! la woman . birthday cake
11 mayu kitaki . japan for sale (vol. 2) (compilation) . nakanaide
12 cornelius . matador at fifteen (compilation) . drop
13 towa tei . last century modern . butterfly
14 towa tei . sound museum . everything we do is music
15 fantastic plastic machine . beautiful . beautiful days (reprise)
16 pizzicato five . antique 96 (import) . this can't be love
17 pizzicato five . made in usa . baby love child
18 pizzicato five . happy end of the world . it's a beautiful day

august 2006 mix
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 11:56 AM

i generally prefer to do more thematic mixes, but this month i just couldn't get anything together in my head. so in the end i went with a "currently listening" mix, although i don't think i've ever done one quite as literal as this: i took the last 20 CD's I've listened to and picked a track off of each of them. i ended up w/ slightly less than 20 tracks b/c there were a few albums i've listened to lately that were just terrible (namely a michael mcdonald CD, yo la tengo's painful, and a cast album of this tony kushner musical called -caroline or change- that made me want to puke). and i left a couple others out (e.g. from heather's mix) b/c i'm saving them for next month's mix. in general though this is an overview of what i've been listening to this summer, which has been generally upbeat stuff to counter the rainy weather we had and being overworked. also i've been really into video games lately and as a result been into video game music. something about it is deeply satisfying to me, maybe b/c it takes me back to the innocence of childhood (haha). last note: a couple of DV tracks b/c that's what i've been listening to. i just found out that eileen rose is from boston, and when i looked up that accendi track online (from carl's mix) it seems it wasn't done by ry cooder -- although maybe i just missed it and he can shed some light on that. hodge-podgy, but hopefully still listenable.

july 2006 mix
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 10:08 AM

i've been playing around w/ this mix for a long time, but finally got around to doing it. the definitions of "camp" and "kitsch" are a bit debatable, but a lot of pop from the 60's, 70's, and 80's seems to qualify (and def. anything disco). instead of going for obvious choices (e.g. the village people) this was one of those mixes where i looked through the piles of stuff i've had lying around and put together a mix from them. of particular note: i love putting random quotes from movies, etc. in mixes but don't do it nearly often enough. i managed to fit in some good ones for this though. also, the o-zone song reached #1 in numerous countries ... including #3 in the UK. a fun song. also, the madonna track, from the dick tracy soundtrack, has surely got to be one of the more bizarre things she's ever done.

hopefully a fun, albeit fairly fluffy, summer mix.

june 2006 mix
nothing too much to say about this one. the weather has been cold and rainy, so this was some good downer music. generally darker, electronic-tinged, and tracks with ambient noise on this one. not really any big surprises, although i should mention that i got the forward russia! track from a mix from sid and the books, national, and imogen heap tracks from winnie. turned out pretty well i think. and that sufjan track makes for a nice closer i think.

april 2006 mix
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2006 11:25 AM

since i knew this mix was going to winnie i decided to do a classical mix since i'm not sure how others in the group feel about it. of classical music i listen to mostly vocal music (e.g. opera and art songs), so i thought i'd go with instrumentals this time around. the last classical instr. mix i'd done was solo instruments (either w/ an orchestra or without) and looking over my collection i realized that i actually listen to very little orchestral music. and when i re-listened to tracks i thought i liked, i realized i like very little of what i've listened to, so this was a bit of a challenge. but after some digging i eventually put together a full 80 minutes of stuff i quite like, and i'm more motivated to listen to more of this stuff.

february 2006 mix
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2006 11:17 AM

when you're friends with a fellow music-lover for any length of time, you're bound to exchange a lot of your favorite music. and about ten times more so when you're dating. i like how certain songs and certain artists get linked in your mind w/ certain people. this mix is compiled almost entirely of tracks from mixes my bf andy has made me, and the rest are artists he's introduced me to (although a lot of it is probably not at all unfamiliar to people who are british like he is). at first i was planning on making the first half andy tracks and the 2nd half winnie tracks (the person who has made the second biggest number of mixes for me over the years), but the two sets were so dissimilar that it just didn't work. but i like how this turned out, and it coincidentally makes for a good valentine's day mix.

january 2006 mix
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 9:36 AM

since heather (a fellow american) was going to be receiving this one, i thought i would do a mix i've been wanting to do highlighting two of my relatively recent loves, kate bush and kylie minogue. all you brits are prob. bored to death w/ the latter and prob. know a lot of the former, but 99% of us yankees don't know much about either. in particular i wanted to look at how people have evolved, and included ani difranco, a long-time fav of mine, whose evolution is particularly easy to trace. in thinking about which artists to include, i realized that a lot of people (like bjork or pj harvey for ex) are less linear so it makes it harder to see the evolution. for this mix i purposely picked artists and tracks (oftentimes not my favorites) that make the evolution more apparent. i find it interesting to see 20 years compressed into 6 or 7 tracks, although the musical cues that i can hear from knowing all the other stuff may be lost on a newbie. in any case, hopefully it'll be a good intro mix to someone not familiar w/ these 3 artists. ... bonus points to anyone who can name which kylie song the title comes from ;)

april 20, 2006 mix
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2006 7:10 PM

through another coincidence the old mix i dug out to send to gordon is also from the same month (april). not too much to say about this one, although this was a fairly sunny mix and i really enjoyed re-listening to it. the chill acoustic EBTG opening track really sets the mood (if you only know their electronic stuff you're really missing out). this mix feels like it was put together around a pretty good time, although in reality being the last month of my last semester at school it was prob. more a really, really bad case of procrastination. not a lot of surprises here (for me at least), but there's something nice and comfortable about having so many of my old favorite people all together.

one last comment: it's always interesting to listen to stuff you liked x years ago. i found that 4 years later i still like pretty much all of this stuff. the mixes from 8 years ago and 12 years ago (geez i feel old) are rather sketchier though, but then i suppose you have to count the nostalgia factor more and more.