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thanks for visiting. this page has gone through several incarnations since i made the first attempt to express my avid admiration for stephen sondheim way back when. hopefully there will be some things on this site you find worthwhile. comments are more than welcome. contact me or use my feedback form. thanks!

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worth archiving:

news and articles: took these sections down. for news and articles i recommend the thorough

* novelties: miscellaneous collectibles, including playbills, posters, magazines, etc.

* song of the week: highlights rare recordings.

* phun stuff: includes sondheim wallpapers.

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indispensable: sondheim info. for the novice: lyrics, etc.: other:
  • the nash co.: sells some sondheim-related t-shirts, mugs, notecards, etc.
  • young playwrights, inc.: playwrighting competition for young people, partly founded by stephen sondheim. the site includes a history of the program, written by sondheim.
  • world leaders: a festival of creative genius: a festival begun in 2001 and which took place in toronto in the fall of 2001 which this year recognized 14 creative giants, including sondheim, joni mitchell, issey miyake, harold pinter, and frank gehry. the site includes a bio on sondheim and a list of the sondheim-related special events that occurred during the festival.
  • sondheim on the waywardintellectuals site: mostly just includes links. has some links for individual shows.

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