x-men release dates timeline


Date Uncanny X-men Dazzler Limited Series Other + Notes
January 1981 #141      
February 1981 #142      
March 1981 #143 #1: So bright this star

dazzler begins, written by tom defalco.

first app: ali's father and grandmother
includes: spider-man, the x-men, the enchantress, the avengers

  dazzler begins this month. writer: tom defalco, artist: john jr. romita
April 1981 #144 #2: Where demons fear to dwell

first app: osgood, cassandra (his secretary)
includes: spider-man, the x-men, the avengers, the FF, the enchantress

May 1981 #145 #3: The jewels of Doom

first app: lancelot steele
includes: the FF, osgood, doom
cameo: longshot
references: FF#200, FF#5

June 1981 #146 #4: Here nightmares abide

first app: nightmare, leloa o'malley (?)
includes: doom, the FF, osgood, lancelot steele

July 1981 #147 #5: Tell Joey I love him

first app: dr. paul janson, nurse collins, anita cartelli, the blue shield (joey cartelli), bo borrigan, the terror tank (a machine)
includes: the human torch
cameos: doom, nightmare, the enchantress, dazzler's father, osgood, lancelot steele, cassandra, beast

August 1981 #148 #6: The Hulk may be hazardous to your health

features: bruce banner/the hulk
first app: dazzler's backup band (beefer, hunch, marx), mysterious figure (techmaster)
includes: lancelot steele, osgood, cassandra, dr. janson

September 1981 #149 #7: Fort Apache, the Hulk

features: bruce banner/the hulk
first app: the enforcers (montana, ox, fancy dan), the grappler (a machine)
includes: lancelot steele, beefer, hunch, marx, mysterious figure (techmaster), dr. janson, a suddenly younger nurse collins

  Marvel Team-Up #109

features: spider-man, thermo the thermatronic man, paladin
includes: editor of the bugle, jonah, lance bannon, christie michaels (wife of thermo)
continuation of MTU#108?

October 1981 #150 #8: Hell ... hell is for Harry

features: harry s. osgood, the enforcers, billy bitzer the techmaster
includes: lance, dr. paul, mr. meeker, cassandra, a new singer, robert the techmaster's driver, mr. meeker's driver

November 1981 #151 #9: The sound and the fury

features: project pegasus, quasar, klaw
includes: solarr, dr. paul janson, harry s. osgood, bella and judge carter blaire, human torch

December 1981 #152 #10: In the darkness... a light

features: galactacus, his drone R-11, quasar and project pegasus, terrax the tamer
includes: harry s. osgood, lancelot steele, d's band, dr. janson, nurse collins, bella and judge carter blaire



Date Uncanny X-men Dazzler Limited Series Other + Notes
January 1982 #153 #11: Lest ye be judged

features: terrax the tamer, drone R-11, galactacus
includes: harry s. osgood, lancelot steele, d's band, dr. janson, nurse collins, carter and bella blaire, d's super

February 1982 #154 #12: Endless hate

danny fingeroth begins his run on dazzler.

features: harry s. osgood, the techmaster
includes: dr. paul janson, harry's bodyguard jack, lancelot steele, cassandra ferlenghetti, sid sterling

March 1982 #155 #13: Trial... and terror!

includes: bella and carter blaire, cassandra ferlenghetti, lancelot steele, harry s. osgood, sid sterling, dr. paul janson, agent kronsky, kenneth barnett (lawyer), the grapplers (gang on ryker's island, includes titania, poundcakes, screaming mimi, letha), o'mara (lawyer), people from project pegasus (including dr. bronner, vaughn, meeker, quasar)

April 1982 #156 #14: Without getting killed or caught   Marvel Graphic Novel #5: God loves, man kills

first app: reverend stryker
features: x-men team (7)
includes: illyana

available in x-treme x-men: god loves, man kills II (vol. 5)

May 1982 #157 #15: Private eyes

features: spider-woman
includes: dazzler's band, lancelot steele, bruce harris, carter blaire and dr. paul janson (flashback)

June 1982 #158 #16: Black magic woman!

features: the enchantress
includes: dazzler's band, lancelot steele, bruce harris, kenneth barnett, heimdall, odin, hugin and munin, hogun, fandral, and volstag, odin's vizier

July 1982 #159 #17: The Angel and the Octopus!

features: angel, dr. octopus
first app: vanessa tooks
includes: kenneth barnett, lancelot steele, harry s. osgood, dazzler's band, carter and bella blaire, the absorbing man

August 1982 #160 #18: The Absorbing Man wants you!

features: the absorbing man
includes: the fantastic four, angel, bella and carter blaire, vanessa tooks, kenneth barnett, harry s. osgood, lancelot steele, dazzler's band (cameo)

September 1982 #161 #19: Creel... and Inhuman treatment!

features: the absorbing man, black bolt
includes: reed richards (flashback), jarvis, angel, bella blaire, medusa and lockjaw, kenneth barnett, carter blaire, his psychiatrist, vanessa tooks, barbara london

October 1982 #162 #20: Out of the past!

first app: doctor sax (jack dulouz) and johnny guitar (johnny logan)
includes: carter blaire, angel, carter's psychiatrist, bella blaire, vanessa tooks, barbara london, dazzler's band, hunch (phil panasci)'s son justin, hunch's wife, harry s. osgood, kenneth barnett, lois (in photo)

November 1982 #163 #21: Alison Blaire, this is your life

features: carter blaire, katherine blaire/barbara london
first app: les mitchell (concert promoter)
includes: angel, spider-man (cameo), bella blaire, carter's psychiatrist, nick brown (flashback), vanessa tooks, cassie, harry s. osgood, dazzler's band, lance steele, kenneth barnett, cameos: fantastic four, avengers, daredevil, iron fist, power man, misty knight, harmony young, quasar, wonder-man, beast

December 1982 #164 #22: The Sisterhood

features: angel, rogue, destiny, mystique
first app: l.b. holman, lois london (dazzler's half-sister)
includes: lance steele, harry s. osgood, dazzler's band, kenneth barnett, carter blaire, barbara london

  Marvel Graphic Novel #4: Renewal

first new mutants comic!
first app: cannonball, rahne, dani moonstar, sunspot
includes: karma, xavier, moira, reverend what's his name, white queen